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Heritage Scrapbooking Layout

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Heritage Scrapbooking Layout

Heritage Scrapbooking
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This layout took me about 20 minutes to complete. Heritage layouts can be done on any color scrapbook page but this one looks particularly good on a natural color page as opposed to black or white, both of which would create too much of a stark contrast to the photo.

Heritage Scrapbooking Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• Floral print mounting paper
• Burgundy mounting paper
• Natural ruled paper
• Double sided adhesive
• 8 Heritage stickers
• Family/heritage photos

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal trimmer
• Ruler
• Scissors


Scrapbooking Notes:

This layout has a before and after theme going on using a picture of the couple when they were married and then in their senior years. I used floral print mounting paper underneath the early years picture and burgundy mounting paper underneath the senior years photo to add some color to the layout and to make the photos stand out against the natural background. The solid burgundy matches the color of the flowers in the floral print mounting paper. The natural paper in the corner has lines for journaling and is backed with more of the burgundy paper to make it stand out against the natural colored background. One corner of the floral print piece of photo mounting paper backing the early years photo overlaps the corner of the piece of burgundy paper. One corner of the piece of natural ruled paper is lined up with one corner of the piece of floral print paper. This creates a layout with four separate areas. The final area is embellished with heritage stickers that reflect the time when the early years photo was taken as well as the flowers for decoration.


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