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Grandfather Heritage Scrapbook Layout

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Grandfather Heritage Scrapbook Layout

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Grandfather Heritage Scrapbook Layout
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The decision to use these photos in this heritage scrapbook layout was based on the fact that I had done so many layouts of my grandmother’s family so I felt it was time to honor my grandfather’s. Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures of them because so many were lost or not many were taken.

Grandfather Heritage Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

•Cloud photo mounting paper
•Blue photo mounting paper
•Decorative letter stickers
•Decorative border sticker
•4 decorative photo corners
•Double sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

•Personal trimmer

Scrapbooking Notes:

I trimmed all the photos first to make them the size I needed them or to trim away any damaged pieces. Then I cut out a square of the blue photo mounting paper and arranged one of the photos on it so the square now looks like a diamond. The photo I chose to attach to this piece of paper was one of the mother and father because this is the one I wanted to highlight at the top of the page. Next I arranged and attached the three photos of the brothers near the bottom of the page. I placed the one with no border (and the one of my grandfather coincidentally) in the middle because it seemed more balanced that way between the two photos with borders. I separated the photos of the parents and children with a decorative sticker border to add more definition and distinction between the two sets of photos. I added decorative letter stickers at the top of the page and on either side of the diamond shape to spell out and indicate that this page is about “The Macey Family”. One final decorative accent, the decorative photo corners frame the photo arrangement on the top portion of the page and fill in the blank space just a little bit. You don’t want to fill in the empty spaces completely because that will make the layout too cluttered and take the focus away from the photos. I wrote Sons & Brothers beside the decorative border sticker as the title for the second portion of the layout and wrote the names of the children and the parents under or above the photos to indicate who they are.


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