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Easter Dress Layout

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Easter Dress Layout

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2006 was the year my daughter really began to get into Easter and hunting for Easter eggs. We were on our way to an Easter Egg Hunt and I gave her an Easter basket before we left.

Scrapbook Supplies

•Yellow Easter egg print paper
•2 purple borders
•2 purple triangles
•4 jelly bean stickers
•1 pink bow sticker
•2 tiny Easter egg stickers
•1 large bunny sticker
•3 large vellum Easter egg stickers
•6 small vellum Easter egg stickers
•Double-sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

•Paper Cutter
•Purple fine-tip pen

Scrapbooking Notes:

Since the photo is of her dressed in her Easter best with the basket in her hands I decided to make it the center of the layout and the only photo on the page to not draw attention away from the photo. I framed the photo by attaching a purple border with double sided adhesive to the top and bottom of the sheet of yellow Easter egg print paper. I attached a purple triangle to each corner of the photo with double sided adhesive to further frame the photo. The corner of the photos should line up with the corners of the purple triangles. I centered the photo and the triangles in between the purple borders and the right and left sides of the piece of yellow Easter egg print paper.

Once all the pieces were in place I completed the layout with sticker embellishments. The pink bow sticker went in one corner of the photo and overlapped onto the purple triangle. In the corner of the left hand side of the triangle I added two different colored jellybean stickers. In the right hand corner of the same triangle I added an Easter egg sticker. On the opposite corner I added a bunny sticker that overlapped the corner of the photo and the purple triangle. In the left hand corner of this triangle I attached an Easter egg sticker and in the right hand corner I added 2 different colored jellybean stickers. The final embellishments were the vellum Easter egg stickers. I added 1 large Easter egg sticker in the center of the top border and 3 small Easter egg stickers one either side of it. The 3 smaller ones were evenly spaced (1/2”) from each other and from the side of the page. On the bottom border I added 2 large vellum Easter egg stickers, ½” in from either end of the border. Between the two stickers I wrote “Easter ‘06” when the picture was taken.



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