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Candle Making Procedures

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Candle Making Procedures

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As many experienced candle makers know, you have to test a lot before perfecting your candles. Many beginners get discouraged when they make candles the first few times and they don't get the results they hope to achieve. Follow the candle making procedures below to get the most out of your testing.

One of the first mistakes beginners make is they don't keep track of their tests. The easiest way is to keep a log book and include the following information:

• The manufacturer of each and every product you use including the wax, fragrances, dyes, pigments, wicks, wick holders, containers and any additives used.

• The amounts of each product you used and take note when you added it during the candle making process.

• Track the cooling time.

• Take note of any imperfections once the candle has completely cooled and prior to burning including cracks, air bubbles, discoloration, white lines, wells, flakes etc.

• Is the coloring of the candle what you expected and is it consistent throughout the candle?

• Note the fragrance of the candle prior to burning. Is the scent appealing, subtle or overpowering?

• Track the burn time

• Note the fragrance of the candle during burning. Is it too light, overwhelming or is it perfect? You may find that the candles smell quite strong when you are making them and once set, but may be much lighter smelling while burning.

• Look at the flame and see if it is too big, too small, gets drowned by the wax or smokes.

The second mistake beginners make is making a huge batch when testing.

• When testing make smaller batches. If your test was unsuccessful, it will save you having a load of leftover wax and save you a pile of money in wasted supplies.

The third mistake beginner’s make is they think that what they like is what everyone else likes too.

Some people like really strong smells and certain colors. If you are intending on selling your candles, you have to ask yourself is this what other people will like? Ask some friends to come over and let you know what they think while testing. Let them see your examples and request that they smell them prior to burning, ask them what they think of the colors, and then light your candle and ask them what they think of the fragrance. Make sure to add this to your logs!



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