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Candle Crafts

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Candles are attractive and special on their own but when you combine them with some of the elements listed below you can create a unique decoration for your home or for sale. If your candles are part of a larger project, remember to keep color scemes and scents in mind

  • Some common elements used in these candle crafts:
  • Hurricane lamp flute
  • Artificial flowers
  • Artificial fruit
  • Votive and taper candles
  • Household items such as baby food jars, wine glasses, large vases.
  • Embellishments such as ribbons, glass beads, decorative doves and pearl bead string
  • Candle Holders

Candle Making Safety
First Aid


Candle Wedding Favor

Candle Wedding Favor

Jazz up a simple candle with artificial flowers to make these attractive wedding favors for your guests. Personalize each one with a slip of paper bearing your names, the date of your wedding and a special message.

Christmas Candle Centrepiece Christmas Candle Centrepiece

Incorporate a pink and burgundy color scheme when creating this centerpiece. The color combination extends from the ribbon to the flowers, the lace and even the candles. Makes a perfect decoration for your table this holiday.

Fall Centrepiece Fall Centrepiece

With a few pieces of artificial fruit, leaves and different coloured burlap you have created a beautiful table centerpiece for fall. Flank it with candles and in ½ an hour you will be finished. The wine glass with a candle in it was the last survivor of a set of 4.

Mosaic Candle Holder Mosaic Candle Holder

I learned how to make this Mosaic Candle Holder in a craft class years ago and enjoyed making it immensely. When the candle is lit, it adds a wonderful, warm glow to the room.

Wedding Centrepiece Wedding Centrepiece

Consider the colours you are using for the wedding and your favourite flowers when creating this simple and elegant wedding centerpiece.

Small Head Table Centrepiece Small Head Table Centrepiece

Similar in appearance to the larger version, the ivy bowl surrounded by a flower candle ring adds an elegant touch to the head table. Place them inbetween the bridesmaids, maid of honour, best man and the ushers. They don't take away from the large centrepiece in front of the bride and groom but even out the decoration of the table, making it look special from one end to the other.

Floating Candle Centerpiece Floating Candle Centerpiece

Match the colors of the glass beads and the candle to the main colors being used in your wedding. Guests will love to take one of these home as a souvenir. Give them away during the reception by placing something under one of the chairs at each table. Make sure the winner empties the water before they take the centerpiece home (it'll be easier and less messy).

Large Head Table Centrepiece Large Head Table Centrepiece

Go simple but elegant when creating this decoration. Use the bride's favourite flowers to enhance the beauty of the candle encased in a glass bowl with glass beads. Situate it on the table in front of the bride and groom to draw attention to the happy couple (not that everyone's eyes won't be on them already)!

Seashell Candle Seashell Candle

What goes better with water than seashells? Add this candle to your bathroom décor and you can enjoy both the appearance and the warm presence of a candle that will remind you of a trip to the beach. Adult supervision required.

Christmas Pot Pourri Candle Christmas Pot Pourri Candle

Create a warm glow to any room with this recycled Mason jar candle. Fill the jar up with your favourite pot pourri to add colour and scent.



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