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What You Have To Say about My Craft Book

Here's what some people have said:

I love that there are hundreds of free craft ideas.

I liked it a lot. especially the printable patterns. i love to make thing pertaining to sewing. keep up the good work.

Thank you from a very grateful Australian

My Craft Book is a great place to visit on the web!The range of projects and crafts available are excellent!I'm grateful to find such a user friendly environment to learn more about the crafts I enjoy!Well done ,thanks for sharing your vision with all your fellow crafters throughout the World!
Extremely well set out,easy to navigate ,lots of diverse crafts available to try out!

" This site is easy on the eye and has a very restful background. It's easy to find the sections that one is looking for. There is a nice variety of crafts put together to make this an interesting site to look through. Congratulations! "

~ Thanks

" Enjoyed the site and look forward to seeing more in future. "

~ Thanks again
I would really like to see more crafts for kids here. I like how you put then in different age levels and that you labelled the difficulty. I work with kids as a programer for after school activites and I would LOVE to see a ton more! You have great ideas!!!

~ I usually add at least 1 craft idea for kids every month. Over the summer I tend to add more as many teachers, programmers and mums are always looking for fun things to keep their little ones busy.
" I like your site but you need more crafts!"

~ Make sure to come back every week to see whats new!
It is super organized and clean, easy to navigate. Printer friendly pages are a big help but the green print doesn't show up as well as it could.

~ Done. I have changed the colour to black and I have also changed the font to improve printing quality.
- Thanks a lot for the feedback and keep it coming! Make sure to come back regularly as we are always adding new crafts and patterns!
~ Jo


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