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Wearing Opa's Slippers Scrapbook Layout

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Wearing Opa's Slippers Scrapbook Layout

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The inspiration for this scrapbook layout occurred while we were on a visit to one of my daughter’s sets of grandparents’ places for a week. While we were there she decided to try on her grandfather’s (she calls him Opa because he’s Dutch) slippers and was walking around in them. He wasn’t there when she did it but he liked the pictures when he saw them.

Wearing Opa's Slippers Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• Peach photo mounting paper
• Yellow die cut frame
• Blue die cut frame
• Double sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal trimmer
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Black bold-tip pen
• Blue bold-tip pen

Scrapbooking Notes:

I attached one of the photos to the blue flower shaped frame with double sided adhesive. Then I trimmed the excess photo with a pair of scissors. I cut the second photo with the personal trimmer then attached it to the frame at an opposite angle to the shape of the frame. I arranged and attached the photos and the frames to the page, one off to the side and the other in the center of the bottom of the page because it is larger and takes up more space. After I attached the frames and photos to the pages I added some stickers to the frames to add a bit of color and embellishment. I used blue and red heart shaped stickers in an alternating pattern around the petals of the flower shaped photo frame. I added some slipper stickers to the corners of the yellow frame to continue the theme of the layout and add a little embellishment to the frame. I used the remaining empty space around the photos for journaling writing the larger amount explaining the background of the photos next to the flower frame because there was more room and a small caption around the sides of the square frame.


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