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Transfer Pattern Instructions

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Transfer Pattern Instructions

Transfer patterns step 1

Step 1

Working on a hard surface, trace the entire design with your transfer pencil. Try to keep the pressure of your stroke even all the way around the design to ensure a good transfer. If it is too light you won't be able to see where the lines of the design are when you begin your project. The design you are about to transfer is a reverse image of the one you printed. If the design is reversible then this doesn't matter.

If the design isn't reversible, you need to trace the image with your transfer pencil onto the other side of the paper you printed it onto. The side that you traced will be face down on the material to be ironed.

Transfer patterns step 2

Step 2

Lift the pattern from the material. The material is now ready to be used for your project. The pattern may be used again.

Transfer patterns step 3

Step 3

Cut a square around your pattern. It is easier to work with a small piece of paper when it is time to transfer the pattern to material with an iron. Position the pattern face down on the piece of material you are using for your project. Holding the pattern in place tightly with one hand, iron firmly and consistently over the pattern with your iron heated to medium. Set the iron aside. Hold all but one corner of the pattern in place tightly with one hand and lift up the free corner to see if the design is showing up dark enough. If not, keep ironing consistently in your coverage of the pattern until you are satisfied with the way it looks.


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