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The Secret to Scrapbooking

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The Secret to Scrapbooking

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There are 3 secrets to Scrapbooking: organizing your photos, planning your layouts, and claiming a workspace. If these 3 steps go smoothly, you will be able to spend more time making your scrapbooks, and less time trying to track things down.

Simple Steps to Making a Scrapbook from Existing Pictures:

  • Decide on your theme
  • Choose photos
  • Plan your layout
  • Plan and write your journaling on scrap paper
  • Plan your cropping to fit the theme and focus on the photo subject
  • Lay everything out on your page
  • Crop and mount
  • Journal
  • Embellish
  • Done!

Simple Steps for Planning a Scrapbook For Upcoming Events:

  • Consider the theme.
  • Plan your layout.
  • Get an idea of the types of embellishments you would like to use, and start keeping an eye out for them.
  • Plan the photos you would like to take and make notes
    Take your photos and write something down in short form about the moments you captured for journaling later.
  • Exchange addresses with other people who may be attending the event so you can get copies of their photos if yours don't turn out.
  • Get your photos developed

Claim Your Scrapbooking Space

Once you have all of your tools and supplies to begin scrapbooking there is one more thing you have to consider before getting started, space. You need to have a table or area upon which to set up your scrapbooking stuff safely and where you will feel comfortable leaving your materials out without the risk of anything getting disturbed. You also want to be able to sit comfortably in this space for the amount of time you will be working there if you are really in the scrapbooking groove.

I feel if you have to keep setting up and taking down your materials because the space is being used for something else it will interrupt your creative flow when assembling pages. When you have played around with the layout and arranged your photos in an order that satisfies you, having to take it all apart and set it up again the next time might ruin the effect you were trying to create or worse, you might forget what you did and not be able to recreate it exactly the same the next time.

If you are unable to keep a space solely for your scrapbooking purposes, keep track of your progress in a notebook. Roughly sketching out the layout and which pictures go where in the layout is a good idea so you won't break your creative flow or lose the progress you have made.

It also helps if you have the support of your family members. Their support and consideration for what you are doing and the space you are working in will keep your scrapbooking table or area intact. Talk to them and make sure everyone will respect your space, explaining to them how important scrapbooking is to you. Explain that it is essential this area won't be disturbed because it may interrupt your creative flow.

You may also want to include your family in your scrapbooking process, especially if you are working on the family or individual children's albums. They might have some unique insights or ideas that will work perfectly with what you are working on that you might not have seen or thought of. Sometimes if you are too close to something you can't always see what is right in front of you. A fresh eye may give you a new perspective on what you could be doing with your page layouts and embellishing. You should use all the tools available to you including the Internet, fellow scrapbookers' insights and any different tools they can share with you


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