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It’s Sugaring Time! Scrapbook Layout

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It’s Sugaring Time! Scrapbook Layout

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As the weather gets warmer my thoughts turn to the memories I have of visiting my grandparents’ sugar camp. It is a big part of my family history and the inspiration for this family scrapbook layout. It took about 25 minutes to make.

It’s Sugaring Time! Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• White scrapbook page
• Yellow photo mounting paper
• 2 thermometer stickers
• 2 snowflake stickers
• Brown bold-tip pen

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal trimmer
• Ruler

Scrapbooking Notes:

To help the photos stand out against the white of the scrapbook page I backed them with squares of yellow photo mounting paper that is just slightly bigger than the photo. The yellow isn’t too bright so it doesn’t overpower the photo. The two photos of the sugar shack are lined up and arranged in the same manner on the yellow backgrounds. This is Anime Cosplay Costumes UK so you can see the two different views of the building side by side. Below these two photos is another photo taken at the same time of my uncle Bryan participating in the sugaring process. This photo is also backed with the yellow photo mounting paper but this time I have centered it on the square to make it stand out against the white background but also to make it differ from the other two photos. I wrote the heading for this layout at the bottom of the page because it seemed to make more sense there instead of competing for attention with the two photos at the top. I wanted both to be equally noticed because they are equally important. To finish off this layout, which requires little embellishment because you don’t want to take the focus off the photos, I added some winter themed stickers that seemed to suit the theme of the layout. They fill in the empty space on either side of the photo quite nicely without being too much. I used a brown colored pen because it was the closest to the color of maple syrup and I thought it tied in with the theme of the layout very well.


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