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Sleeping Baby Scrapbook Layout

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Sleeping Baby Scrapbook Layout

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This page was quick to make, only 20 minutes! The colors reinforce the baby theme and the page is kept simple to ensure that the focus of this scrapbook page is the picture of the baby sleeping.

Sleeping Baby Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• Light purple photo mounting paper
• Light blue wavy border
• Baby Girl die cut
• Teddy Bear Vellum die cut
• Double sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal Trimmer
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Self-healing mat

Scrapbooking Notes:

I used a contrasting color wavy border to frame the photo and die cuts arranged on the page. The color and the wavy shape of the border also help the square photo, the rectangular die cut and the teddy bear shaped vellum die cut to stand out better against the monochromatic background. I left space above and below the photo for journaling as not much is needed except to add the child's name and perhaps a reference to the blanket she is wearing that was made for her by an aunt. The die cut above the photo contains a saying that covers the sentiment of seeing a child sleeping so peacefully as the one in the photo.


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