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Sightseeing in Montreal Layout

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Sightseeing in Montreal Layout

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Sightseeing in Montreal Layout
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When doing a travel layout, the photos don’t only have to be of people. Sometimes the landmarks and the landscapes are just as important. In a city full of historic landmarks such as Montreal, this is definitely the case.

Sightseeing in Montreal Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

•Map print photo mounting paper
•Pre-cut blue photo mounting paper triangles
•Pre-cut blue photo mounting paper rectangles
•Double sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

•Personal trimmer

Scrapbooking Notes:

I used the map print paper as a background because it ties in with the travel theme of the layout. The blue photo mounting paper I used blends nicely with the map print as well as providing a nice contrast with the photos so they stand out like they should. The pieces of blue paper also make space available for journaling because there is no solid space in the map print where the words you write wouldn’t be interrupted by lines. I had two pre-cut blue triangles, which I attached in opposite corners of the page. If you can’t get pre-cut triangles you can cut them yourself to fit the corner of the page. I overlapped one of the triangles with a photo I cropped into a rectangle shape to remove all the unnecessary background. I wanted to keep the view of the street but not the road with cars. I kept this in mind when cropping the other two photos as well, I wanted the view but not the street or parts of buildings that were present in the photos. I overlapped the other triangle with another rectangular photo to balance out the layout. The remaining photo I cropped to fit in the middle, lining it up with the edges of the other two photos. There is an equal amount of space between the photos and an equal amount of space at the top and the bottom of the page. I wanted the layout to be symmetrical so I used a ruler to measure and ensure everything was even. I arranged the blue rectangles beside the two photos at the top and the bottom for journaling and to fill up some of the space beside the photos. The area of the blue triangles showing around the photos could also be used for journaling if desired. You would need to use a black pen for journaling so it would show up on this paper because it is a bit dark.


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