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Scrapbooking Layouts

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Scrapbooking Layouts

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You are ready to create your scrapbooking layouts when you have decided upon a theme for your scrapbook. Your layout will consist of photos, journaling and embellishments, so gather everything you intend to include in advance.
To get started, lay your scrapbook out on your work surface to begin arranging the photos into a layout on the pages. Next, choose the photos that you think are important and place them on the pages in the order you desire. For example, if you have photos from a wedding,

there is a sequence in which they were taken that tells the story of how the events unfolded on that day.
If you arrange the photos on the pages of your album in sequence, they will tell the wedding story even before you add your journaling and embellishments to the pages!

After you have decided upon your photos, write your journaling on a piece of scrap paper and place it on the page, positioning it next to the photo to which it belongs. If space is limited for journaling, limit the size of the piece of paper you are writing on so you don't get too wordy. You can also use a text or journaling block, described in the advanced scrapbooking techniques section.

Once your jounaling is complete, lay out your embellishments. If you want to use stickers, cut around the sticker (leaving the paper backing on) and position it on the page to see how it looks. If you are considering rubber stamping, stamp out the design you are going to use on a piece of scrap paper and cut out around the design. Arrange the stamped piece of paper on the scrapbook page until you are satisfied with its position. Remember that the focus of your scrapbook is the photographs, so your embellishments should compliment the subject of the photos, not overpower them!

Adjust the layout until you are happy, and move on to your next page. This is the whole goal of scrapbooking, to finish your albums so everyone can enjoy the photos and memorabilia in them. You want to create simple but attractive pages until you feel comfortable to attempt more elaborate techniques and layouts. Stick with your first instinct of how you liked the page because it was most likely the right one and you will be happier with the layout in the end.

I have published quite a few layouts that I hope will inspire you.

Examples of Layouts:

Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

Family Scrapbook

Heritage Scrapbooking

Vacation Scrapbook Ideas


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