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Scrapbooking Ideas and Layouts

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Scrapbooking Ideas and Layouts

Welcome to the free scrapbooking ideas and layouts section! Scrapbooking is a great way to keep records of special events and showcase the lives of people important to you. This scrapbooking section will take you through the basics of scrapbooking from the tools and supplies you will need, to techniques such as cropping and computer scrapbooking.

If you have any questions, make sure to visit the community scrapbooking and rubberstamping forum.

Scrapbooking Instructions, techniques and layouts

Scrapbooking Articles

The Secret to Scrapbooking
There are 3 secrets to Scrapbooking: organizing your photos, planning your layouts, and claiming a workspace. If these 3 steps go smoothly, you will be able to spend more time completing your scrapbooks, and less time trying to track things down.

Scrapbook Supplies
Here is a basic list of scrapbooking supplies that no scrapbooker should be without.

Scrapbook Cropping Tools
Get acquainted with the main cropping tools available to scrapbookers.

Scrapbook Cropping Templates
Ever wonder how people get those perfect oval or round shapes? Click above to see the templates used in combination with the cropping tools.

Scrapbooking Tools
Here is a list of all the other scrapbooking tools most scrapbookers find handy.

Scrapbooking Themes
One of the first questions that beginners ask is where do I start? One of the easiest ways is to decide upon a theme and then build from there.

Make a Scrapbook Title Page
The goal of the title page is to introduce the theme and/or showcase the subject(s) in your scrapbook. Consider including photos, embellishments and some journaling.

Scrapbooking Layouts
Here are some general guidelines for laying out your scrapbook pages. It can be one of the most difficult things you will face.

How to Crop Photographs
Once you have chosen your photographs and planned your layout, it is time to crop your photos. Cropping itself is an art form as you want to accomplish several things... center on the subject, remove damage and ensure that the shape will fit the layout you envisioned.

Scrapbook Journaling
Journaling is the writing that accompanies photographs in a scrapbook album. Typically scrapbookers write the information, as they consider the handwriting part of the history of the scrapbook album.

Scrapbook Embellishments
Embellishing your pages is like coordinating an outfit when you are getting dressed. There are many things you have to take into consideration when you are planning out every detail of a scrapbook page.

Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques
Once you have got the basics of layout, cropping journaling and embellishing your scrapbook you may want to give these advanced techniques a try. There are only a few right now but I will be adding more scrapbooking techniques soon!

Computer Scrapbooking
Using your computer and the Internet as a tool in your scrapbooking opens a whole new world of possibilities for you. The Internet can be a wonderful resource for you to access products and supplies you may need and inspiring layout ideas for when you are blocked.

Caring For your Photographs
Make sure to protect your photographs when putting them into storage so they will be in good shape when you are ready to use them.

Taking Useful Photos for Scrapbooking
When you are taking photos on a trip or photos you know will end up in one of your albums you need to think about how you will use that photo so you can get the most out of your film.

Caring for Your Scrapbook Album
Once you have made your scrapbook make sure to protect it. Here are some quick tips to preserve your keepsake.

Scrapbooking Ideas and Layouts

Baby Scrapbooking Ideas
Here are some baby scrapbooking ideas and layouts. I found that these are the easiest pages to Soul Eater Cosplay Costumes make because there are always so many baby pictures to choose from!

Holiday Scrapbooking
So far the layouts include Valentine's Day and Christmas. Expect to see new ones for most upcoming holidays and special days.

Family Scrapbooking
The Family Scrapbooking section includes all the memories of how your children changed when they were growing up, milestones they achieved, amazing accomplishments you want to remember as well as the little things (i.e. favorite outfits, toys and activities, etc.) Family Scrapbooking is all about documenting the life you had together.

Heritage Scrapbooking
Here are some ideas for heritage layouts. I have found that Heritage Scrapbooking layouts are some of the most difficult to do of all the layouts. Quite often you will find that the pictures are damaged from handling, gone yellow with age or, due to old technology, the picture is crooked on the photo paper. In some cases you won't even know who it is in the picture so you have to do some detective work!

Vacation Scrapbook Ideas
Vacation Scrapbooking is all about preserving your memories from fun vacations you have taken as a family, as a couple and before you were married. The photos and journaling are not the only elements of making vacation scrapbooks that are important, it is also essential to include memorabilia from the trips such as tickets from attractions you attended, information pamphlets on the places you visited as well as samples of money (if you were vacationing in a different country. Click the link above for some sample layouts.

Fond Memories Scrapbooking
I decided to make a scrapbook a while ago containing my fondest memories. I have a lot of them, more than any one scrapbook could hold, so I really had to cut down on the number of photos.


Scrapbooking Book Reviews
Learn the basics of scrapbooking, get more ideas, techniques and inspiration.

Scrapbooking Directory
Find listings of online scrapbooking merchants and sites that offer layout ideas.

Scrapbooking Discussion
Discuss scrapbooking ideas and layouts in our new scrapbooking and rubber stamping foru


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