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Scrapbook Title Page

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The goal of the title page is to introduce the theme and or showcase the subject(s) in your scrapbook. Consider including photos, embellishments and some journaling.
Pick one or two photos that capture the concept of the album to use on your title page. Add embellishments such as stickers or die cuts that will accent the photos, and not overwhelm the page. Your journaling

doesn't have to be long, it should just give the viewer an idea what the album is about and what they will be seeing.
There is no one way to do a title page so here are examples for some common themes to get you started.

Baby Scrapbook Album

You could write a letter to your child stating your reasons such as preserving all the wonderful memories of the beginning of their life with you. Not only is this a wonderful introduction, one day that album will be theirs to keep and that letter will be precious to them. Another idea is to create a page that includes a picture, and a label with all your baby's vital statistics. Click here for an example

Child's Scrapbook Album

When making a scrapbook of your child for example ages 1 to 6, you could add two photos on the title page, the first at age 1 and the second at age 6. Write your child's name and age below each photo. If the album is a work in progress, just leave a space for the second photo so you can add it later.

Family Scrapbook Album

For a family album, a family portrait with the family name written below it in beautiful calligraphy would make a nice title page. You could also add a small blurb about what your family means to you and how you want to make sure their memories are preserved for future generations.

Family Trip Scrapbook Album

For a travel album, include a favorite photo of the area you visited and below it a photo of you in that locale. You could also add any stickers that pertain to the area you visited. The journaling on this title page could be a little reflection of how great a time you had on the trip below the photo of you having a great time on the trip. This will make people really interested in looking at the album.

On a final note, if you don't have any inspiration or idea of what to do on your title page when you are starting your scrapbook, don't worry, you can always come back to it later!


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