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Scrapbook Supplies

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Here is a basic list of scrapbooking supplies that no scrapbooker should be without. If you decide to take scrapbooking seriously, you should consider purchasing cropping tools, cropping templates and other

scrapbooking tools. The main thing to consider when purchasing supplies is that you use acid and lignin free materials so your photos won't be harmed. You also need to think about protecting your photos after you have completed an album by using page protectors.

Pens Pens

Look for pens that are permanent, waterproof, and fade resistant. The pens come in fine and bold tip and a variety of colors (purple, orange, blue, green, brown, pink, black and red). These pens are specifically created for journaling your scrapbook pages..

Photo Labelling Pencil Photo Labelling Pencil

The photo labelling pencil is safe for use on the backs of photographs. Use to remember names, dates, places and events that pertain to the photograph.

Acid and Lignin Free Paper Acid and Lignin Free Paper

If you want to preserve your photos, steer clear of acid and lignin when it comes to purchasing ANY products that will come in contact with your photos. Borders and die cuts as well as papers should all be acid and lignin free if you are using them on a scrapbook page with your photos. These sheets of paper have the stability of card stock and will provide a good, sturdy backing for your photos or make good frames, borders and die cuts you make yourself

Scrapbook Album Scrapbook Album

Remember the most important thing is protecting and preserving your photos so keep this in mind when choosing an album. Albums come in a variety of sizes, colors and even textured covers. To ensure the safety and long life of the photos you are going to display on the album pages, the pages should be acid and lignin free.

Page Protectors Page Protectors

Slip these protective page covers over your scrapbook album pages. They will protect your photos and memorabilia against water spills and the acid on people's skin.


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