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Scrapbook Embellishments

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Scrapbook Embellishments

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Embellishing your scrapbook pages is like coordinating an outfit when you are getting dressed. There are many things you have to take into consideration when you are planning out every detail of a scrapbook page. The main things to consider are theme, color, space (how much of the page you want to cover) and the embellishments you feel will help convey the theme of the page to the viewer of the scrapbook. Remember, you are going for clarity, not clutter. Properly arranged,

embellishments will add to a page but if you use too many, the photos you are trying to display will get lost in the clutter.

Items Available To Embellish Your Scrapbook Pages

  • Borders
  • Stickers
  • Punches
  • Die Cuts

There are a lot of great products out there for you to use when you are scrapbooking. When you are purchasing your supplies, don't feel like you have to get everything from the same place. As a beginner I was excited that everything I needed to get started scrapbooking was available from one supplier. I had investigated prices and products like the ones I was ordering to see if I could get better prices elsewhere but everything wasn't available from the same company. Because I wanted to get started quickly I did the one stop shop for the ease and availability of everything I needed to get started scrapbooking. I wouldn't change anything about my first purchase but now, looking around at what is available I have seen some additional products elsewhere that I know would compliment the albums I am doing. Don't be afraid to mix and match because there are so many products available that you can have a wider variety of embellishments, tools and albums to enhance your scrapbooking experience. What you have to do is make sure anything you purchase is the quality of product you want to be using to produce albums that are safe and protect your photos so they will have a long life span. Check into the products you will be buying to make sure they are acid free and lignin free. If you can't find out if the products are either, or at least acid free, I suggest you keep looking because you don't know if they are safe to use.

An extra embellishment for your album is to engrave the cover especially if you are giving the album as a gift for birthdays, Christmas or as an anniversary gift. Contact a local engraver or place that does engraving to see if they can do scrapbooks. It might depend on the type of material of which your scrapbook cover is made whether they will engrave it or not. Your next option is to look online for scrapbook engraving. Some companies may only engrave their own albums so this is also something you have to keep in mind. Make sure you find the company that is right for you and how you want to engrave your album. Remember, this is your special keepsake and you want it to be treated accordingly.


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