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Scrapbook Cropping Tools

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Scrapbook Cropping Tools

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The scrapbook cropping tools include the corner rounding tool, three sizes of blades, the photo trimmer and a pair of slim scissors that are very effective for cutting photos to fit the spacing of your layout. The

blades, in combination with the sizing and cutting templates, are very useful for cutting your photos and papers into the shapes and sizes you desire. Altogether, these scrapbook cropping tools are an easy and effective system to help you complete scrapbook page layouts quickly and efficiently.

Corner Rounding Tool Corner Rounding Tool

This scrapbooking tool creates a rounded corner on your photographs reminiscent of how photos used to come developed. This technique gives photos an overall different framing look from the traditional square edges. Perfect for heritage and wedding scrapbooks.

Blades Blades

3 sizes of blades help you to crop your photos and shape your papers in combination with the oval and circle cutting templates. The case of each blade is a different color which corresponds to a colored line on the oval and circle sizing templates.

Photo Cropping Tool/Photo Trimmer Photo Cropping Tool/Photo Trimmer

This small paper cutting apparatus is made specifically for cropping photos. The top edge of the photo should be flush with the top edge of the trimmer and the amount of the photo you want cut off overlapping the right hand side of the trimmer . The photos are held firmly in place by pressing on the narrow band at the side of the tool near the cutting arm. The sharp cutting edge gives you a perfect cut every time as long as the photo is held tightly in place.

It has a self-healing mat surface and has a drawer underneath the cutting arm, handy for storing small cropping tools.

Scissors Scissors

These slim scissors are easy to manipulate due to their size and lightweight composition. Good applications for these scissors are cutting shapes not possible with any of the other cropping tools.

Using the scissors is a less neat and accurate way of cutting photos and papers compared to the precise cuts made by the photo trimmer and the corner rounder.


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