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Scrapbook Cropping Templates

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Scrapbook Cropping Templates

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The Scrapbook Cropping Templates include a combination of the oval and circle sizing and cutting templates. They are used to crop your photos to fit the page and layout that you are creating. The templates

are easy to use because the colored lines on the sizing templates match the appropriate sized cutting templates. Also, the colored lines on the sizing templates correspond with the blades you need to use to crop your photos and papers to the desired size.

Oval sizing templates

Circle sizing templates

Oval and Circle Sizing Templates

These transparent sizing templates help you determine the size of cutting template you need to use to crop the photos and papers for your layout.

Place a sizing template, oval (at left)or circle (below), over your photo. Arrange it so you see only the portion of the photo you want to include in your layout within one of the colored lines. Match the cutting template up with the particular circle or oval sizing template you placed over the photo.

The sizing templates also contain a legend of the colored lines to help you match the size you want to crop your photo or paper with the appropriate blade.

Oval Cutting Templates

Circle cutting templates

Oval and Circle Cutting Templates

Place the matching cutting template over the photo in the same place you arranged the sizing template. These templates have a track, which hold the feet of the blades in place while you are cutting your photos and papers. Set up the appropriate blade in the track and, pressing firmly, run the blade around the track until you feel the desired portion of the photo separate from the rest of the photo.

The oval cutting templates on the left are perfect to use with heritage, portraits and wedding photos.

I use the round cutting templates below when cropping photos of 2 people or small pictures of family pets.

These templates are made of durable, clear plastic that will ensure you extensive use of this product.

12" cutting Form 12" Cutting Form

In combination with the three blades it is used to create wavy and short edges on your papers to accent your pages.

The top and bottom edges of the plastic form fit over top of the self-healing mat so you can cut safely and accurately on the appropriate surface.


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