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Poem To Mommy Layout

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Poem To Mommy Layout

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This baby scrapbook layout took about an hour to make due to the penmanship needed. I didn't add pictures or many stickers as the focus of this page is the poem. If you really want to have a picture on the page, consider an image of your ultrasound.

Poem To Mommy Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• White photo mounting paper
• 2 Baby Girl borders
• 3 Baby theme stickers
• Pink bold tip pen
• White correction stickers

Scrapbook Tools

• Storylines stencil
• Ruler
• Eraser
• Pencil

Scrapbooking Notes:

Not all the layouts in your scrapbook have to contain photos of your child. At the beginning of the scrapbook it would be very special to include a poem from your child to you like this one that had been sent to me by a friend. Such poems are available in books or on the Internet. Using the storylines stencil I drew faint lines on the photo mounting paper to ensure my writing was straight when I copied down the poem. I used bold tip marker to create calligraphy style writing to make the words look more special and fancy. I wrote the opening words, "Hi Mommy" in pink because I have a daughter and this will go in her scrapbook. Blue can be used for a boy if you stick to the pink for girls and blue for boys (standard colors) or use green, red, whatever you like. If you are writing this before the baby is born and you don't know the sex you may want to go with a neutral color but if you do know the sex of the child pick whatever color you like. If you are only finding time to do your child's scrapbook after the baby is born, you can pick a color according to the child's sex or whatever color suits you. At the end of the poem I surrounded the final words, "Your New Bundle of Joy" in the same pink I used for the opening words to make them stand out. It makes the letters look like bubble letters. You can either do it this way or just write the final words the same way you did the opening words. While I was writing the poem I made a small mistake so I covered it up with white correction stickers and wrote over it again. This is necessary sometimes if you don't want to keep writing and rewriting the poem and it barely shows when you are done. After you have finished writing the poem on the page, erase the faint pencil lines gently with a white eraser. I used two baby border stickers to frame the poem and accented the opening words with two diaper pin stickers and filled the space under the final words with a long baby theme sticker.


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