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Learn to Make Tealight Candles

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Learn to Make Tealight Candles

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Tealight candles are one of my favorites. They are easy to make and are perfect for use on any occasion. Just the thing you need to make your bubble bath complete or for setting the mood at a garden party.

Candle Making Tools

• Wax melter or double boiler
• Stainless steel measuring cup
• Popsicle stick
• Scissors
• Knife
• A lid off a box to place your tealights in.

Candle Making Supplies

•Aluminum Tealight Cup
• Paper core pre tabbed Wick
• Candle Wax

Candle Making Safety
First Aid

These tealight cups are made of aluminum and are easy to bend so be careful when handling them. Make tealight candles step 1
Place a pre-tabbed wick in the center of each of the tealight cups.
Since I make a batch at a time, I find it easier if I put tealight cups in a box lid (from a shoe box is fine) prior to pouring in the wax. Any overflows are kept within the lid, keeping your workspace clean.
Make tealight candles step 2
Melt the amount of wax you need to make these tealight candles. Scoop up some of the melted wax with a stainless steel measuring cup, hold the funnel over the tealight cup and pour wax through the funnel into the cup until it is almost level with the edges of the cup. Using a funnel allows you to pour the wax into the cups in a neater, cleaner way without the risk of burning yourself while pouring. Make tealight candles step 3
Continue filling the tealight cups until you have the number of tealights you wanted to make. Let cool completely until the wax has hardened. The wax may shrink when it is completely cooled so you may need to top up your candles to make them level once again. Let cool again until the additional wax is hard. Do not remove the tealights from their aluminum container when you are ready to burn these candles. Make tealight candles step 4


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