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Holding Marjorie Heritage Scrapbook Layout

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Holding Marjorie Heritage Scrapbook Layout

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Holding Marjorie Heritage Scrapbook Layout

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All the photos in this layout feature my grandmother, Marjorie and in all but one, someone is holding her.

Holding Marjorie Heritage Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• Brown photo mounting paper
• 2 blue butterfly stickers
• 2 blue banner stickers
• 2 flower stickers

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal trimmer
• Corner rounder
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Blue bold-tip marker

Scrapbooking Notes:

The photos have all been cropped quite extensively because of damage on the photos but the rounded corners or rounded heart shapes fit nicely together. I arranged the photos as chronologically as possible, also taking into consideration the way the photos looked in the layout, the shape of the photos and how they looked next to each other. The first three photos are roughly the same size and all vertical so they fit well together across the top of the page. The two rectangular ones arranged horizontally on the bottom match well arranged above each other. They are flanked by the two other photos I selected for the layout, one vertical and one heart shaped, arranged centered on either side of the two rectangular ones. Brown is a nice subtle color to back these heritage photos because it adds a bit of contrast but doesn’t overwhelm or compete with them. I added simple accents for a bit of elegance and color to the paper with blue butterflies and red flowers in the corners. I also added two banner stickers (also in blue) to the top of the page to which I added the title for the layout. The blue is also subtle and while adding a bit of contrast and color to the layout it also isn’t overwhelming. When I purchased this set of stickers I had in mind using them for a heritage layout and they certainly seem to blend very well with photos of this time period. Journaling for the photos can be added in the spaces around and below the photos.



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