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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is the information from the Site Survey used?

Simply put, I use the information from the survey to get an understanding of who comes to, what they like, what they don't like, and what they would like to see.

How is the Advertiser survey used?

Our advertisers collect information to promote our site to potential advertisers. They never collect personally identifiable information, and only provide aggregate information to our advertisers, for instance, % of female vs. male users, % of users who purchase online, etc.

Do you release any individual information?

I post some of the feedback I recieve (i.e. likes/dislikes) to a feedback page, with an answer from me. Only the feedback will be posted, email addresses will be kept confidential.

Becoming a member of The My Craft Book Forums

Do you release any individual information? Sell e-mail addresses etc?

No. All personal information is kept confidential. My administrator has access to the database including passwords, profiles, and email addresses. This is accessed only when technicalities warrant.

May I print off copies of the craft ideas and share them amongst my church group?

Absolutely. I fully support community organizations including Brownies, Scouts, Girl Guides, 4-H clubs etc.

I do request that you just drop me an e-mail and tell me about your group and what kind of craft ideas you are looking for, as it helps me plan the craft ideas I am to release. Any information you provide me will be kept confidential.

I am looking for craft ideas that I can't find anywhere

If you haven't looked at our search the web section, click here to search. If you still have no luck, please become a member of my forum. We have a very active group and always welcome new members. Click here to visit our forum. Chances are if you are looking for something, so are others!

If you have a question not answered here, please e-mail our webmaster


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