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Easter In New York Layout

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Easter In New York Layout

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The inspiration for this scrapbook layout was a trip I took to New York during the Easter holiday when I was in college. I did the tourist thing and these are some of the memories I captured on film.

Easter in New York scrapbook layout

Scrapbook Supplies

• Yellow floral pattern photo mounting paper
• Pink photo mounting paper
• 2 Easter egg stickers
• Double sided adhesive

Scrapbook Tools

• Personal Trimmer
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Purple fine tip pen

Scrapbooking Notes:

I trimmed and arranged these photos on the page and they just seemed to fall into place. After I attached them to the floral photo mounting paper I cut pieces of pink photo mounting paper and attached them underneath the photos for the journaling. I could have written the journaling directly on the floral pattern paper but it might have interfered with the letters making them difficult to read. Using the pink paper for journaling boxes gives you a set amount of space to write in so your layout looks neat because the boxes fill in the space without cluttering up your layout. The boxes also make the journaling stand out on the page. With the oval shaped photo I added the journaling box partially underneath the photo so I could still write following the curve of the bottom of the photo which I would have done had I been writing directly on the paper if it were solid, not patterned. The yellow floral pattern photo mounting paper fits perfectly with this layout because it signifies spring and Easter with the flowers, which tie in with one of the photos.


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