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Computer Scrapbooking

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Computer Scrapbooking

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Using your computer and the Internet as a tool in your scrapbooking opens a whole new world of possibilities for you. The Internet can be a wonderful resource for you to access products and supplies you may need, inspiring layout ideas for when you are blocked as well as enabling you to become part of a large scrapbooking community. Fonts you can download are available online to give your journaling new dimension or if you aren't satisfied with your own handwriting.

Remember, your own handwriting is part of the history of your album so it doesn't matter if it is perfect but this is also you are creating an album for yourself so do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Examples of Computer Scrapbooking

  • Journaling (type out all your journaling on your computer if you feel you want this degree of uniformity to the text you are adding to your scrapbook pages).
  • Create layouts (including clip art), print them out, apply to a scrapbook page and add photos.
  • Create layouts to which you add digital photos and print the entire page to add to your scrapbook.
  • Use digital borders (borders available for scrapbook pages you are creating online).
  • Use background patterns (like patterned papers you would add to scrapbook pages) to add to layout pages you print out.
  • Use digital cropping (crop digital photos online to your specifications to use in scrapbook pages you are creating online).
  • Expanding possibilities with your text (different ways to position or arrange it on a layout online).
  • Downloadable fonts (use a variety of fonts to jazz up your journaling if you prefer not to use your own handwriting or you think it would suit a certain layout.) You can print out the journaling you are going to use on your scrapbook pages or include it in pages you are creating online.
  • Clip art available on the net (can be used to accent the theme pages you are creating or in combination with other techniques such as chalking or to create die cuts and paper piercing).
  • Find quotations, poetry, page titles or toppers online to use on your scrapbooking pages.
  • Use scrapbooking and journaling software to complete your scrapbooks if you need help.
  • There are even scrapbookers for hire if you want someone to create some pages for you.
  • Create online scrapbooks that can be viewed by relatives you don't see often.


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