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Casting On Stitches (cont)

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Casting On Stitches (continued)

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Cast on stitch step 4 Wrap strand of wool around the second needle in between the two needles and over the loop.
Cast on stitch step 5 Pull the knitting needle back slightly until about half an inch of the tip is showing and insert tip down through opening to the left of your strand of wool.
Cast on stitch step 6 Bring knitting needle back to upright position next to your other needle.
Cast on stitch step 7 Using your needle, slip this stitch on your other needle. You can move your needle closer and turn stitch over onto left needle or stick tip of left needle into the stitch and taking it off the right needle, whichever is easier.
Cast on stitch step 8 Insert tip of your empty needle again and continue this procedure until you have 20 stitches cast on for your practice piece.
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