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Caring For Your Photographs

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Caring For Your Photographs

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Keep all your extra copies of photos and photos you haven't used yet in a photo storage box until you need them. The dividers in the box will keep your photos organized into neat categories so they will be really accessible when you need them. The box will keep light away from your photos and keep them from fading. Store the box in a dry area to keep moisture away from the photos. Store your negatives separately. There are special negative storage boxes you can purchase or use another

photo box just for your negatives. Label the dividers according to what is on the film.

If your photos somehow get destroyed at least you will have the negatives to re-create the photos. Then you will still have those photos to look at and enjoy the memories represented in them.

Burn all your photos onto cds so you have a back up copy in case they get ruined or lost. Your memories are too precious not to be able to replace them. When you are working from a CD your photos are also more accessible and easy to make copies or send them out to relatives. Working from a C is a very versatile option especially with the availability of Kodak picture centers (you can develop pictures from your digital camera, disk, memory card or scan them). Photo quality paper and printers are also available to recreate treasured photos for your albums.


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