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Candle Making Instructions and Techniques

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Candle Making Instructions and Techniques

Welcome to the candle making instructions and techniques section. We are going to explore with you the different types of candles you can make in your home as well as exposing you to the variety of products available for making candles. Candle making can be fun for you and your family and they make great gifts. Candles can also be a lucrative small business product as candles are growing in popularity.

If you have any candle making questions, make sure to visit the community Craft Idea Forum




Candle Making Instructions and Techniques

Candle Making Safety
It is amazing how many fires are caused by improper candle burning and candlemaking techniques. Don't become another statistic. Be aware and be prepared.

Candle Making Procedures
As many experienced candle makers know, you have to test a lot before perfecting your candles. Many beginners get discouraged when they make candles the first few times and they don't get the results they hope to achieve. Read this article to get ideas on how to test and what to track.

Candle Wax
Learn the basics of different types of candle waxes, what they are made of, and what kind of additives you should consider.

Learn To Use a Candle Mold
The candle mold I use is different from most other molds because you have to pour the candle wax in the mold from the bottom to make sure you are filling it completely.

Candle Crafts
Once you have made the candles, here are some craft ideas for you to try.

Learn to Make Tealight Candles
Tealight candles are one of my favorites. Perfect when taking bubble baths or for setting the mood for an outdoor party.

Learn to Make Beeswax Candles
A simple and inexpensive way to introduce yourself and your children to candlemaking. All you need is a sheet of beeswax and a wick. No heat required!

Use a Milk Carton as a Candle Mold
A great way to use up your bits of leftover candle wax and recycle your milk cartons at the same time.

How To Make a Multi Colored Pillar Candle
Melt wax and combine it separately with two candle dye colors to create a multi-colored pillar candle. Make a variety of color combinations for different holidays (in this case Halloween), or use a special person's favorite colors in the candle to give them as a gift. You can use a pillar candle mold to make this candle or recycle a container. In this case, I used a pringles can as my mold.

Learn to Make Candles using Wax Crystals
This is a good candle making project for children because it doesn't involve melting wax. Wax crystal candles are easy, inexpensive gifts for children to make and be enjoyed by all!

Learn to Make Floating Candles Using Wax Crystals
This is another candle making idea that is perfect for younger children since no heat is needed (Adult supervision is required). They also make nice candles for the backyard or for a garden party too.

Learn To Make Hand Dipped Candles
This time honored tradition is no longer just for exhibitions and history books. You can make candles the old fashioned way in your very own home.

Learn to Make Twisted Candles
This is how twisted candles were made before machines were developed to make them. Make a pair and proudly display them in candlestick holders to add a unique look to your decor. Make different colors and give them away as Christmas gifts. People will wonder where you got them, won't they be surprised when you say you made them yourself!!

Learn to Make A Hand Rolled Candle
Here is a fun candle that can be made by most members of the family since the kids can take over once the wax has cooled. Not only is this type of candle simple to make but it also has a unique look that makes it look harder to create than it really is. Make a variety of colors and give pairs of them away for gifts.

Learn to Make Multicolored Hand Rolled Candles
This is a variation on the hand rolled candle (above) except we use two different colors rather than just one. You can use more than 2 colors if you want. If just using two colors (white and another) to save you using two wax melters to make this, you can pour your white wax first and then very quickly add color to the remaining wax and pour onto the second plate.

Make Candles Using Jelly Wax
This is another simple candle to make that children can participate in since no heat is required.

Learn To Make Sand Candles
Did you ever see a sand candle in a store and think that they were nice but would be too hard to make them on your own? Well it's not! With the easy to follow instructions below you can create beautiful yet inexpensive sand candles that make great gifts or decorations for your own home.

Learn To Make Fake Food Candles
These fake food candles look so real you want to drink the hot chocolate or eat the sundae. These candles may look complicated but all it takes is a common household mixer to create the whipped cream look and you can fool everyone into thinking it was harder to do than it really was. Once you have mastered making whipped wax, try some of the ideas below!

Chocolate Chip Muffin Candles
These delicious looking chocolate chip muffin candles smell almost as good as they look like they would taste. They even have the realistic look of muffins right down to the ridges from the muffin papers.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Candles
This Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle looks good enough to eat which is just one of the many reasons to keep this candle as well as all candles out of children's reach. Make a whole batch to give away as gift. Arrange them in a box lined with tissue paper and they will resemble something you bought at the bakery. The bonus about these cookies is that they will always be fresh!

Cookie Cutter Candles
This is a fun way to make beeswax candles and is appropriate for children since no heat is required. I used a Christmas tree cookie cutter in this example but you can use any cookie cutter you wish. I recommend using a metal cookie cutter when making your candle, since the plastic cookie cutter didn't cut through the beeswax as cleanly as the metal one did.


Candle Making Books
Read reviews of Candle Making Books that will give you inspiration, candle making instructions, and advanced candle decorating techniques.

Candle Directory
Find listings of online candle merchants and sites that some candle making instructions.

Candle Making Discussion
Discuss candle making instructions and techniques in the craft ideas forum.


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