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Wreath Making Basics

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Wreath Making Basics

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Book Name: Wreath Making Basics

Author: Dawn Cusick

Publisher: Sterling/Lark

ISBN: 0-8069-0279-5

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 96

Illustrations: Full color and black and white photos and hand drawn sketches

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

This book has many examples of wreaths but does not go into detail on how each wreath is made with the exception of 8 at the back.  However this book's strengths lie in its in-depth chapters on the basics that anyone making wreaths should know such as How to Make a Base and how to innovate them (30 pages), Tools and Nifty Gadgets (10 pages), Materials (34 pages) and Design (6 pages plus the portfolio of 8 pages).

The first chapter on How to make a Base includes step by step instructions on how to make your own wire, foam, straw, vine, moss, herb, and unique shaped wreath bases that I have not found in any other wreath book to date.  Each method has at least 3 or 4 black and white photos that accompany the instructions, giving the reader a much better idea of how to construct their own base.  Included with each method are a few alternative ideas and some great hints and tips.

The second chapter Tools and Nifty Gadgets includes information on floral picks, pins floral tape, glue guns, floral wire, foam, tubes and paint and powders.  While it is only 10 pages in length, there are several helpful ideas that will benefit the beginner.  If you are an advanced wreathmaker, you will already be aware of most of these ideas but may still find them helpful.

The next chapter covering Materials discusses the basic materials you can have on your wreath such as fresh and dried flowers, evergreen and greenery, berries, cones, nuts & seedpods, moss, ribbons and bows, ribbons and streamers, silk, paper & plastic, fruits and vegetables, kitchen goodies, trinkets and finally props.  While the book only dedicates one or two pages to each subject, the information provided will benefit the beginner/intermediate wreathmaker immensly. Each section reminds the reader to think outside of the box, provides some great hints and tips, and instructions on how to mount the materials suggested. 

The final chapter on design recognises that this is probably one of the hardest things to do when considering constructing a wreath.  This section provides some information on how to approach your wreath making, some tips of the trade, some ideas on how to choose your accents which can make or break your wreath and as previously mentioned, and a portfolio of 8 wreaths, each accompanied by a materials list and design notes.

While I owuld have liked to see step by step instructions accompanying each wreath, I understood that the focus of this book was to instruct the reader in the absolute basics of construction. Overall I enjoyed this book and found some of the information quite helpful even though I am an intermediate wreath maker.  For beginners, I think that this is one of the better books out there and should be seriously considered when looking for books to help you get started.


  • Making wreaths with innovative shapes
  • Using fruits and vegetable in your wreaths
  • Using artemisisas as your base
  • How to integrate ribbons and bows
  • The violin wreath (in the design chapter)

Overall Rating:


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