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Valentine Crafts

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Book Name: Valentine Crafts

Author: Judith Hoffman Corwin

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 0-531-11146-6

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 48

Illustrations: red, black & white

Experience Required: School Aged Children

Book Review

Although the craft ideas in Valentine Crafts aren’t anything new or unique they are good solid ideas. Some of these crafts originate in the 1800’s and based on old fashioned valentines they will still be appealing to today’s children because the crafts involve techniques children are familiar with such as paper folding, gluing, drawing and coloring. Children are always making homemade Valentine’s Day cards so this book is perfect for that. Not only does this book contain a number of fun crafts for kids there is a Hearts All in a Row game as well as several Valentine’s Day recipes to make. I would recommend it for school age children because of some of the techniques used (i.e. use of a compass, cutting fabric, tracing with and transferring images with tracing paper and shaping paper clips into hearts) might be too advanced for younger children.

The pages of Valentine Crafts are very cluttered with the images used in making the crafts and combined with the use of only red, black and white for the colors on the pages it is hard to look at them for very long. The size of the book is the reason for this. If the pages were a bit bigger, the images could be spaced a bit further apart and not look so packed. Some of the images were used on several pages in the book where they weren’t needed for the particular craft (i.e. the Heart Necklace made of paper clips), which contributed to the clutter and confusion on that page because the images crowded the diagrams explaining how to make the necklace. What I did like is that although some of the pages were crowded with images, the diagrams for the paper folding were very clear and children would have no problems following these instructions.


  • Classic Super Special “V”-Type Racing Cars
  • Have a Heart Pin
  • Valentine Rebus
  • 3-D Valentine Cards
  • Heart Necklace
  • Chocolate Kiss Oatmeal Cookies

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