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Two-Hour Dolls Clothes

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Two-Hour Dolls Clothes

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Two-Hour Dolls Clothes
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Book Name: Two-Hour Dolls Clothes

Author: Anita Louise Crane

Publisher: Sterling/Chapelle

ISBN: 0-8069-2265-6

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: color drawings

Experience Required: Intermediate

Book Review

At the beginning of Two-Hour Doll Clothes there is an essential basics section, which is an introduction as well as an indication of what you can do with basic sewing skills. It is definitely your kicking off point before starting a project because it guides you where you need to go before sewing anything; measuring your doll and adjusting patterns, tracing and transferring patterns, basic sewing instructions, stitch guide, and no sew instructions.
The instructions in the basics section link to diagrams (see illustration 7a, etc.) and throughout the book there are references back to page numbers that are relevant to the particular technique involved.

The chapters of this book are divided into seasonal outfits you can make for your dolls or teddy bears; Spring and Summer Wear, Fall Finery and Winter Attire. The outfits are represented in photos or illustrations either on dolls or teddy bears. The photos are beautifully taken in settings that reflect the type of outfit being displayed. The illustrations have a storybook quality to them that make the outfits and the doll/teddy bear wearing them take on the appearance of a character in a children’s book. The author also names each of the doll/teddy bear “characters” wearing the outfits, which adds to the whimsy already so clearly present in this book.

At first glance the projects in Two-Hour Doll Clothes seemed a little daunting because the clothes look so complex. Upon reading the introduction in the essential basics section I realized one could make these outfits by reading all the instructions thoroughly and closely following the directions. The outfits are so beautiful and inspiring they drive you to do everything necessary to make them a reality. When you have a bit more experience, you can take clothes making a bit further and create your own fashions based on the patterns you have been using. The only thing I didn’t like is the patterns are hand drawn and not as perfect as those you might purchase to make clothing for yourself. The instructions however are very clear and all the information necessary (i.e. references back to applicable techniques in the essential basics section) to complete a project is provided for your convenience.


  • Kim (dress and coat)
  • Blossom (bed jacket)
  • Miss Rosie (dress)
  • Joanie (dress)
  • Gabriella (robe)

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