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The Weekend Quilter

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The Weekend Quilter: Fabulous Quilts to Make in a Weekend

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Book Name: The Weekend Quilter: Fabulous Quilts to Make in a Weekend

Edited by: Rosemary Wilkinson

Publisher: Reader's Digest Association, Inc.


Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 144

Illustrations: Color photos and diagrams

Experience Required: Intermediate

Book Review:

The Weekend Quilter opens with a section on Quick Quilt Techniques which covers everything from a brief overview of how quilting techniques have developed over the years, quilt sizes and their uses, selection of fabrics, preparing (washing, drying and ironing) the fabric for your project, Rotary Cutting (including equipment, measurements, Creating a straight edge (with diagrams), Cutting; strips, squares, measurements wider than ruler, half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles and stitched strips (all with diagrams), Machine Stitching (including Preparation and Piecing (Chain piecing (with diagrams), Taming seam crossings and Pressing), Adding Borders (including Borders with butted edges and mitered corners (with diagrams), Quilting (including Marking quilting designs, Bagging out (with diagram), Layering, Basting (with diagram), Machine quilting, Quilting in the ditch, Freehand quilting, Hand quilting, Frame, Hoop, and The quilting process (with diagram), Tying a Quilt (with diagrams), Binding the Quilt (including Continuous strip bias binding (with diagrams) and Double-fold binding(with diagrams), Adding a Hanging Sleeve, and Labeling a Quilt.

The Weekend Quilter is divided into chapters with quilts made by different contributors; Zigzags and Meanders by Pauline Adams, Changing Seasons by Gill Turley, Simple and Serene by Jenni Dobson, Pioneer Blankets by Anne Walker, and Night and Day by Carole Dowsett. The designs and patterns for all the quilts in this book are created to be done in one or two weekends so if you are looking for complex patterns this book is probably not for you. Alternative color schemes are provided for some of the quilts to give you a bit of variety to choose from. It is good to see different color combinations because it will help you decide on the colors that you might want to use or inspire other color combinations you will use. There is also a section on dyeing materials if this is something you want to explore (the Square on Square quilt includes dyeing the fabric as part of its pattern but you can also purchase predyed fabrics). The instructions are very clear and straightforward throughout the book and together with the techniques section at the front of the book these quilts are easy for the intermediate quilter to make.

I really like that the patterns involved in making the quilts don't need to be enlarged, this saves you time because it takes long enough to make a quilt. Some of the quilts shown in this book can also be used as wall hangings (i.e. Spring Wall Hanging) or crib quilts (i.e. Catch a Falling Star) and there are also quilts of different sizes, which can be used in different rooms in the house. The origins and history behind the quilt and the type of quilt in general as well as the possible uses for this type of quilt are given in a small introduction below the name of the quilt. This introduction sometimes also includes a description of the fabrics traditionally used for the quilt in the past and those being used in present times. I like that the quilts are shown in being used in real - life situations in the photos. I think it helps to see what the finished quilt will look like, especially when it is displayed on a bed or a wall so you can see it in a real setting.


  • Blue Meanders
  • Decorative Stitches Sampler
  • A Piece of Summer
  • Square on Square
  • Autumn Leaves

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