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Tricks & Treats – The Ultimate Halloween Book

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Tricks & Treats – The Ultimate Halloween Book

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Book Name: Tricks & Treats – The Ultimate Halloween Book

Author: Deborah Harding

Publisher: Reader’s Digest

ISBN: 0-7621-0085-0

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 143

Illustrations: Color photos & patterns

Experience Required: Intermediate

Book Review

If you are a true lover of Halloween, wished it came more than once a year and can’t get enough of anything related to Halloween this is the book for you! Trick & Treats – The Ultimate Halloween Book is divided into eight chapters Signs of the Seasons (Yard Art Ghost), Costumes for Kids (Patchy the Scarecrow), Pumpkins Etc. (Pumpkin Head Family), Festive Fashions (Chenille Vest), Fun Foods (Mini-Pumpkin Sandwiches), Toys and Gifts (Cool Cats), For the Home (Mrs. Good Witch Tote Bag), and General Directions. This book really does live up to its name because it is the ultimate in Halloween ideas. There is everything you would need for Halloween from decorating your home and yard, carving your pumpkin, costuming your kids, unique Halloween inspired clothing for yourself and the children, food for the party as well as unique Halloween toys and gifts to make. Throughout this book there are great color photos of the projects you can do and they really give you a sense of how wonderful they can look and how they can be displayed or used.

A color photo as well as clear and thorough instructions accompanies each project in Tricks & Treats. There is a list of materials and tools you will need as well as the what to do portion explaining the process of making and in some cases, displaying the craft effectively. What I really like about the presentation of the project instructions is the first step is to inform you how large you have make the pattern that is included right next to the craft for your convenience. This saves you time going to the back of the book to look for the pattern you need. I also really like the wide variety of project ideas in Tricks & Treats, there is an equal number of costumes for boys and girls and a good selection of projects for people with different talents i.e. sewing, crocheting, carving, quilting and tole painting. And if you aren’t master of any one of these talents that doesn’t mean you can’t do the projects in this book. The final chapter of Tricks & Treats is called General Directions is outlined to help the reader out with techniques (sewing by machine or hand, curved seams, casings, machine appliqué, machine and hand embroidery, crochet basics, and working with Styrofoam and using a hot glue gun) they may not know how to do or with which they may not have had much experience. Accompanying the explanation of each technique is a photo of the craft to which it applies, making the link between the craft and the techniques they are explaining.


  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Top Dog (costume)
  • My Little Angel (costume)
  • Siegfried the Sorcerer
  • Cat Patrol (decorated squash)
  • Ghastly Ghosts

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