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The New Candle Book

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The New Candle Book

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The New Candle Book
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Book Name: The New Candle Book

Author: Gloria Nicol

Publisher: Acropolis Books

ISBN: 1-85967-066-0

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 160

Illustrations: Color photos

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

One thing I really liked about this book was the Publisher’s Note about using candles safely because they are a Fire Hazard and that if you want your candles to turn out properly you should only use one set of measurements (imperial or metric) in cases where both are provided. I really enjoyed the beautiful photos of the candles and candleholders illustrated throughout the book. I can't wait to try my hand at a few of these candles! There were also additional photos on the Introduction and on the opening pages of each chapter to give you an idea of the wonderful ideas to come.

In the Introduction the author provides you with a little bit of the history of candles and candle making as well as hints and tips about cleaning wax off of fabric and furniture. She also includes a word of warning about the safe use of candles especially when used in combination with decorative candleholders such as the Rustic Candle Pot (with dried flowers) and the Paper-Mache Candleholders.

This book is broken up into three chapters, which are further broken up into smaller sections. A chapter on Candle Style (Through the Home, Themes, Seasons and Special Occasions) follows the Introduction. There are also chapters on Candle Making (Types of Candles, Basic Techniques and Decorative Candles) and Containers for Candles (Types of Holders, Adapting Containers and Decorative Holders). There are also additional sections at the back for the templates required for some of the projects in the book and the suppliers of products used as well as an acknowledgements section and a handy index of projects, techniques and materials.

The Chapter on candle style mainly deals with displaying candles in various areas of the home and in what kind of groupings. It covers how to display them in large and small spaces, different rooms, how to store your candles safely so they retain their shape and beauty, what accessories (i.e. vases of flowers, fruit or dishware) to complement the arrangement and display of candles. It also covers themed displays of various kinds of containers (i.e. glass, decorative tumblers and even jam jars). This section is further divided into sub-sections including Simple Purity which is concerned mostly with candles and candleholders of an all white or cream colored theme, Gothic Splendour is represented mainly by brass, bronze, iron and wood accessories to display candles and Classical Grandeur, which can be described by one word, elegance, would be best suited for dinner parties. There are also sub-sections on floral arrangements including candles, celestial inspired candles and candleholders and country style candles and candleholders. One of the sub-sections (Provencal) also includes the instructions for Lavender Collars to decorate candles with. Floating candles and displaying candles outdoors are also covered in the last two sub-sections.

The section on Seasons covers arrangements involving candles and flowers, plants and fruits and vegetables (i.e. Spring – Mossy Pots, Summer – Novelty shaped floral candles Winter – Birch bark wrapped candles). Special Occasions covers candle use and arrangements for Weddings, Christenings, Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hallowe’en, Birthdays, Garden Parties and Easter.

The chapter on candle making first covers the Types of Candles you can make (dipped, themed. Candle types are followed by Basic Techniques which is the most important
section because it informs you of the materials necessary to make candles (wax, wick dyes, scents), equipment (moulds, double boiler, dipping can, thermometer, spoon), then gets into the techniques of candle making. There are directions accompanied by photos and hints and tips for dipping and moulding candles, making scented, candy-twist and rolled candles. The final section in this chapter covers Decorative Candles with instructions accompanied by photos for Carved candles, Stencilled candles (with a How To Stencil section), Shell and Seaside Candles, Painted Candles, Decorating with Foils, Floating Candles, Shaker Candles, Gold Leaf Candles, Marbled Candles, Sand Candles and Embossed Candles.

The final chapter covers Containers for Candles starting with Types of Holders illustrated in A Gallery of Candleholders (wooden, ceramic, glass, metal, themed, lanterns, candelabra, chandeliers, sconces, candle shades and accessories, snuffers and accessories, nightlights. Adapting Containers demonstrates how to make container candles such as Mediterranean Candle Cans (with a safety warning about the use of metal containers), Byzantine Jam Jars, Painted Candlesticks, Foil Leaf Chandelier, Tasselled Chandelier, and Making Use of Bottles. Containers also covers Decorative Holders (Mosaic Candlestick, Rustic Candle Pot, Seashore Candelabra, Copper Sconces, Byzantine Candlestick, Copper Candelabra, Garden Candleholders, Wire Craft Candleholders, Papier-Mâché Candleholder, Filigree Candle Crowns, Nightlight Chandelier, Braided Candleholder, Painted Flowerpots, Fancy Candle Collars, Storage Boxes and Candle Shades.

The New Candle Book is good resources for beginners because it covers the Basic Techniques of candle making that will enable them to make their own candles and go on to make the projects in this book.


  • Carved Candles
  • Stencilled Candles
  • Gold Leaf Candles
  • Embossed Candles
  • Garden Candleholder
  • Wire Craft Candleholders
  • Paper-Mache Candleholders

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