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The Big Book of Halloween: Creative & Creepy Projects for Revellers of All Ages

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The Big Book of Halloween: Creative & Creepy Projects for Revellers of All Ages

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Book Name: The Big Book of Halloween: Creative & Creepy Projects for Revellers of All Ages

Author: Laura Dover Doran

Publisher: Lark Books


Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 159

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W sketches

Experience Required: Projects of varying difficulties

Book Review

The great thing about this book is that it not only includes crafts to make for Halloween but also recipes, games (I.e. Sinister Twist Game (including color patterns) is a spooky version of Twister you can make yourself), cards, costumes (including quick costumes), masks and makeup for all ages (Face painting basics).  This book also contains knitting, needlepoint and plastic canvas projects, safety tips (i.e. Cautions for face painting and Dry Ice Safety Alert), and decorating ideas for a Halloween party (including a list of items to use to gross out your guests).

Interspersed throughout the book are fictional Halloween stories, historical tidbits about Halloween (i.e. interesting stories about superstitions, the real Dracula, the largest pumpkin, the largest Jack-o'-Lantern and the legend of how to kill vampires), additional helpful hints (i.e. how to make believable blood, a quick candle holder, creepy cobwebs, great green slime, more edible hands, chilling body parts, suggestions for alternative treats that will outlast candy and not cause cavities, decorating with dead blooms, toasting pumpkin seeds, ) as well as Halloween related articles.  These articles include History of Halloween, Witch Hunts, Bats, Growing Pumpkins, Vintage Halloween Collectibles, Trick-or-Treating, Jack-o'-Lanterns, The Pumpkin Man (including his wife's recipe for Pumpkin Cookies), Trick-or-Treating Safety, Last-Minute Costumes, Making a Mummy, and Other Halloween Game Ideas for Children.

I like that there is a magical, heartwarming quality about this book that is evident in the photos included in the Introduction and in the photos of the crafts being displayed in natural settings (allowing you to see how the crafts could be used as well as seeing how realistic they look (i.e. the Yard Gravestones) and how the Knitted Pumpkin Hat as well as the Little Ghosts and Mr. and Mrs. Ghost can be).  I also like the whimsical content included in the margins of the book like the Top Ten Excuses for What Happened to the Candy (to Tell the Kids).  Did you know there was even a phobia of turning into a pumpkin?  It is called Apocolocynposis. 


  • Halloween Veggie People
  • Witchy Lamp Shade
  • Graveyard Pudding
  • Skeleton Costume
  • Knitted Pumpkin Hat

Overall Rating:


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