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Teen Knitting Club: Chill Out and Knit

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Teen Knitting Club: Chill Out and Knit

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Book Name: Teen Knitting Club: Chill Out and Knit

Author:Jenniger Wenger, Carol Abrams, and Maureen Lasher

Publisher: Artisan Publishers

ISBN: 1-57965-244-1

Cover: Spiral bound hardcover

# of Pages: 142

Illustrations: Color photos and sketches

Experience Required: Beginner - Advanced projects available & knitting instruction

Book Review

The Teen Knitting Club will benefit beginners and knitters of all ages and stages because it is an all-encompassing book of knitting instruction and fun and interesting projects.  It is a great resource for this purpose, but it can also be useful to anyone who wants to knit and needs a bit of guidance as to where to start.  The authors open the book with a good deal of instruction so when you are ready to start knitting you are definitely prepared in every way possible.  It is an absolute must to read the first sections called, All You Need to Know, Materials, Stitches and Techniques, and Top Ten Problems and What to Do About Them. 

These sections are especially important if you are a new knitter because they will educate you on many important things such as the properties of the yarns you may be using that you must consider before making a knitted project, how to follow the instructions on the label of the yarn you purchase (especially the dye lot number so your yarn will all look the same which can affect your final product, with solutions if you run out of your die lot number), how to choose your knitting needles and how this would affect your knitting.  Also covered are the necessary accessories to ensure your knitting projects are successful, a how-to section to get you started if this is your first time knitting and visual as well as written instructions on the various stitches you may be using.  It is also important that you pay close attention to the section on gauge or tension (to ensure your projects come out the right size they are supposed to) and the information on the techniques of increasing and decreasing to shape such projects as the Headkerchief and the Boatneck Pullover.  To finish off your project you need to know about binding off, joining yarn, weaving in ends, blocking (the label on your yarn in combination with the gauge piece you made before you started your project will help to ensure your final knitted piece is the proper size), and seaming or the mattress stitch which is used to sew up sweaters and ponchos, among other things.

Especially important after you have learned the basics is to have a quick read through the section on the Top ten problems and what to do about them so you will have an idea what it contains.  As you are working on a knitting project, you will know that you can refer back to these solutions if they apply to your problem.  The authors also give you other options for assistance such as asking help from other knitters you know (there is testimony from teenagers included in the sidelines of the book about this very thing and how it brings them closer to people) to seeking out your local yarn store and even books, magazines or websites that may give you the answers you seek for your questions. 

After the initial instruction in the book the projects contain further instruction that pertain to the individual projects such as How to Add Fringe (instructions for various methods of fringe are included) for the Fringed Scarves, Knitting in the Round for hats such as the Narrow Ribbed-Brim Hat, Adding a strap (two different types) for bags such as the Raggy Bag, and Determining your Size for such projects as the Chenille Tank Top. There are also instructions at the back on how to Start Your Own Teen Knitting Club, how to get started Knitting for Others (including a list of organizations and websites to contact if you are interested), how to make a Teen Knitting Club Scrapbook and a very useful Glossary to help you fully understand the terminology and abbreviations used in the patterns in this book.

I really like that the authors did such in depth research into the knitting habits of young adults and even some teachers around the country and included their comments in this book.  These comments are almost as important as the instructions themselves because they are empowering, positive and heartwarming stories about other peoples' successes with knitting.  It especially comes across in these comments that knitting is a relaxing, friendly, rewarding and positive activity in which to be involved.


  • Horizontal Scarf
  • Basic Roll Brim Hat with Squiggles
  • Furry Tank Top
  • Mock Turtleneck Pullover
  • Friendship Blanket

Overall Rating:


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