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Sewing for the Home

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Sewing for the Home

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Book Name: Sewing for the Home

Author: Editors

Publisher: Creative Publishing International

ISBN: 1589230760

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: Color photos

Experience Required: intermediate/advanced

Book Review

Projects in this book are for sewers who range in experience from intermediate to advanced. Sewers of all experience levels should read the opening sections because they will prepare you for making the projects in this book, especially if you have never attempted sewing for your home. First there is the section on how to use this book followed by a section on fabrics. Fabrics for Home Decorating includes a glossary of essential terms and a handy chart to help you select fabrics for the type of project you will be making. Mixing and matching fabrics and choosing colors is also important because it will prepare you for what to look for when you go to purchase your material. Equipment & Notions includes information on basic tools, tools for measuring, marking & cutting and notions, with a definition for each item.

The projects in this book are divided into the areas of the house where they would be used; Windows (16 projects), Pillows (15 projects), Tables (11), Bed and Bath (7). At the beginning of each section there is information you need to consider before starting a project. For example, measuring the window for curtains and figuring out the amount of material needed for the project. There is also a handy chart, which you can photocopy and use to figure out the amount of material you will need to buy. Also covered is how to prepare the material for the project as well as hemming. Cutting directions and list of things you will need are included with each project make getting everything for your project purchased and prepared quickly and easily. Each project has a small but useful glossary of terms as well as photo representation of variations of the project type i.e. two ways to mount shades.

I really like that the editors of this book include a section with photos and information on products that will save you time and help you be as successful as possible when working on a project in this book. There is also a section on how to do some of the stitching techniques required for projects contained in the book, using your Serger, sewing machine or sewing by hand. I also really like the clear photos of the step-by-step instructions for each part of the projects including the tools being used. This makes it easier for sewers attempting to make things for the home for the first time because they can see how each step is supposed to look. I like that the editors included beautiful photos of the final product. This way you can get an idea if it is the project for you, if it will look good in your home and to compare with what you made when you are done.


  • Tab-top Curtains
  • Roman Shade
  • Knife-edge Pillow or Liner
  • Banded Placemats
  • Comforter

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