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Sewing for the Holidays

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Sewing for the Holidays

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Sewing for the Holidays
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Book Name: Sewing for the Holidays

Author: Singer Sewing Company

Publisher: Cy DeCosse Incorporated


Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 127

Illustrations: : Color photos and patterns

Experience Required:

Book Review

The projects in Sewing for the Holidays are all about having a do-it-yourself holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Fall/Thanksgiving). You can learn how to make your own wire edge ribbon, ornaments, decorations, stockings and gift bags for Christmas, stuffed rabbits, basket, tablecloth, and additional projects for Easter, a placemat, ghost, pumpkin, scarecrow, cornucopia and additional projects for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I really like the photos of the finished projects because you get a clear image of what it should look like and it is portrayed in a festive and holiday appropriate setting. I also like that the templates are conveniently right next to the project instructions instead of at the back of the book.

It is important to read the small intro to each project that contains a description of the craft as well as hints and tips. In the intro there is also a reference to the pages of other projects that can be combined with it if applicable (i.e. tree skirts and tassels). Each craft has a list of materials required for that project as well as clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos. Within the project instructions there are also informative sections concerning techniques you need to know for that craft (i.e. using fusible web, making full sized patterns, blanket stitch, how to sew a satin-stitched appliqué, and using the serger vs. the sewing machine for projects (i.e. wired ribbon). There is also a handy section accompanying most of the projects called cutting directions.

Most of the projects in this book are unique or involve known techniques being used in new and different ways (i.e. weaving ribbon for front of a Victorian stocking). I like that some of the projects are transferable between Holidays (i.e. the Confetti placemat, the apron and the cookie cutter ornaments). There are photos of additional projects with a brief how-to description at the end of a couple of sections. I also liked the variation suggested for the Fabric Cornucopia, using a recycled quilt instead of the patterned or textured fabric required in the original instructions.


  • Lace Doily Wreath Ornament
  • Cookie-Cutter Ornament
  • Christmas Countdown Wall Hangings
  • Fabric Gingerbread/Halloween House
  • Fabric Ghost
  • Fabric Cornucopia

Overall Rating:


Available At:

Barnes and Noble


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