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Serviette Technique 2 Decorating Candles a la Decoupage

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Serviette Technique 2 Decorating Candles a la Decoupage

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Book Name:Decorating Candles a la Decoupage

Author:Agnes Tisza




# of Pages:33

Illustrations:Color photos

Experience Required:Varying levels of difficulty

Book Review

This is a small book but the author makes sure everything necessary to know how to decoupage on candles is covered in its pages.  The techniques and materials are outlined in great detail at the beginning of the book.  This is a must read section because, with each individual craft idea, only an explanation of the process it took to decorate that candle is provided.  I found this explanation to be sufficient in combination with the detailed description of the techniques at the beginning of the book.  The color photos in this book are beautiful and inspiring.  They make you want to go out and purchase the materials necessary to decorate the candles so you will have something so beautiful in your home.

I like it that the author has incorporated other elements besides the serviette into the creations she is making.  When she covered a candle with a lighthouse serviette, it ended up not covering the candle completely so she improvised.  She used modeling wax to create an island at the bottom of the candle and covered it with sand and shells resulting in a unique decorated candle.  On yet another candle she shaped some thin metal thread into the shape of fish and added them to the top of the candle to continue the theme of the serviette over the entire candle.  The ideas in this book are innovative and interesting as well as providing inspiring projects with which to decorate your home or give as unique gifts.

It is evident in places that this book has been translated into English because throughout the book there are grammatical or spelling errors but this doesn't take away from the clarity of the instructions how to make the crafts.  As I was reading through the book I barely even noticed any discrepancies because I was so excited to see what the next candle was going to look like as I turned the page.  One thing I was glad to see wasn't overlooked was the safety instructions in the front of the book which is very important whenever candle use of any kind is concerned.


  • Cute Baby Slippers
  • Sand...Salt and Sea Breezes
  • White Weddings
  • Diligence of Bees
  • Decoupage Traditions

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