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Scrapbooking Projects

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Scrapbooking Projects

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Book Name: Scrapbooking Projects

Author:Louise Riddell

Publisher:Murdoch Books UK Ltd.

ISBN: 1740456068


# of Pages:100

Illustrations:Color photos and templates

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review:

What I liked most about this book is there is something for everyone. Even though the first chapter of the book covers the basics of scrapbooking there are sections that could be of use to even a seasoned scrapbooker. I found the section on the use of rubber-stamping and embossing very informative because it is something I have not yet attempted but would like to. There is also a section on embellishment and notions that would help the scrapbooker that is reluctant to use unusual items such as buttons, ribbons or charms in his or her layout. These sections go into great detail about the use, availability and practicality of the when and where you are applying the special techniques. It takes the fear out of exploring new mediums in your scrapbooking when you see it being used successfully in layouts and explained thoroughly using step-by-step instructions.

After you have learned about the various techniques available for you to use in your scrapbooking experience, they are applied to various themes in the Projects chapter. Some of the sections in the Projects chapter are more detailed than others (i.e. Creating a Heritage Album) because there is more information to be covered to ensure your scrapbooking experience is successful. If you have never attempted a Heritage Album you can get some direction as to where to start and what type of items you have that you may wish to include. There are also useful tips in most of the sections in this chapter (i.e. Chalking Tips in the Babies section) that cover very important information the author considers being especially important. Another example of an important tip is the necessity of using a de-acidification spray on paper documents, which will protect the document as well as the rest of your layout. Once again there are step-by-step instructions for techniques such as paper crumpling which will add texture to the papers you are using in your layout.

There are so many good ideas in this book, too many to go into here. I feel this is a very useful book and look forward to trying some of the techniques, especially the rubber stamping and chalking. A bonus part of this book is the section at the back following the index. There are punch out die cut templates for use in your scrapbook. They include circular and oval frames in a variety of colors, uppercase and lowercase stencils, upper and lower case letters, numbers, baby frames, borders, baby die cuts, romance and activities die cuts. If you haven’t bought any of these items for your scrapbook these are a good start. Along the same lines, if you haven’t bought a book about scrapbooking, this is a good one with which to start. The only drawback to this book isyou have to order it from Australia as it doesn't seem to be available in any of the mainstream North American bookstores.


  • Creating a Heritage
  • Babies
  • Weddings
  • Scrapbooking for Kids

Overall Rating:


Available At:

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