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Scrapbooking Books

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Color Made Easy
After reading the introduction by the author you will get a sense of the purpose of this book because she speaks to the usefulness of color combinations and how you don’t need to be afraid anymore, just get inspired and jump in!

Creative Scrapbooking
The instructions for each Scrapbooking page are quite short, but clear and concise. Each instruction page includes a referrence to the General Project Instructions as well as a list of which cutouts are required from the templates section at the back of the book.

Scrapbooking for Girls Only
The instructions are simple and easy to follow and together with the clear photo of the completed layout make scrapbooking manageable and fun for young girls. The layouts show will be very appealing to girls because they are fun and colorful and the themes are relevant to the things they are interested in.

Scrapbooking: 100 Techniques with 25 Projects
Following an introduction from the author there is a section outlining the tools and equipment required to create the layouts in Scrapbooking: 100 Techniques. There are descriptions accompanying the photos of the tools and equipment as well as an important paragraph on the use of acid free products. Half the book is dedicated to instruction on the different techniques that will play a big part in the creating the 25 projects included in the second half of the book.

Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks: 32 Recipes for Enhancing Your Pages with New Techniques
I’ve researched a large number of scrapbooking techniques and layouts and found Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks: 32 Recipes for Enhancing Your Pages with New Techniques to be a refreshing change from the typical ideas being published.

Making Gift Scrapbooks in a Snap
I like the wide variety of album and layout ideas demonstrated on the pages of Making Gift Scrapbooks because they have inspired me to explore different avenues when doing my own scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking Off the Page and On the Wall
The title of this book, Scrapbooking Off the Page … and On the Wall says it all. The projects included within its pages take scrapbooking to a new level, turning your memories into artwork to be displayed on the walls rather than in a book.

Scrapbooking Techniques
It is a shame that I can only find this book for sale on-line in Australia. It is a great source of information for learning about the techniques and tools you can use as well as getting layout ideas.

A Year Of Scrapbooking
The authors of this book have compiled a vast wealth of knowledge of scrapbooking techniques, layout ideas and crafts to showcase your photos in different ways.

Scrapbooking Projects
This is a scrapbooking book I came across that is published in Australia. I feel this is a very useful book and look forward to trying some of the techniques, especially the rubber stamping and chalking. A bonus part of this book is the section at the back following the index. There are punch out die cut templates for use in your scrapbook!

Scrapbooking Your Adult Years
In the pages of this book I discovered some interesting layout ideas that incorporated some unusual materials or techniques in its makeup. There was everything from tags, unique papers, fibers, stamps, paper tearing and beads used, just to name a few.

Classic Scrapbooking
This book on Scrapbooking is really for the do-it-yourself scrapbooker because most of the projects involve making your own scrapbooks. The scrapbooks are made of a variety of materials including paper mache and material as well as using different techniques such as decoupage and sewing.


My scrapbooking section will take you through the basics of scrapbooking from the tools and supplies you will need, techniques such as cropping and computer scrapbooking and layout ideas and inspiration.



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