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Quilt-Lovers' Favorites

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Quilt-Lovers' Favorites

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Book Name: Quilt-Lovers' Favorites, Vol. 3

Author: Better Homes and Gardens

Publisher: Better Homes and Gardens

ISBN: 0-696-22163-2

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 160

Illustrations: Color photos and diagrams

Experience Required: Varying levels of difficulty

Book Review:

Quilt-Lover's Favorites contains a wide variety of projects including quilts, table runners, pillows (sometimes matching the quilts), pillow shams, framed quilts, tote bags, baby quilts, journal, Signature Quilt, memo board, curtains, linens (tablecloth, sheet, pillowcase), wall hangings, gift bags, and appliqué (coat, overalls, quilt). The projects in this book are divided into chapters that classify them by the style and techniques involved in their makeup (Vintage Collection, Roundabout, Rotary-Cut Classics, Bright Delights and Artful Appliqué). Techniques required for making the quilts and other projects include hand quilting, machine quilting (Spring Leaves Quilt) Embroidery (Under the Stars Quilt and Embroidered Pillow), and Appliqué (Something to Crow About Quilt).

For each quilt there are a few additional things provided to help you make sure it will suit your needs. First there is a chart is to inform you of the number of blocks you will need, the number of blocks wide by long, the finished size and yardage required for optional sizes (crib, twin, full/queen, king, wall hanging). There are also optional color schemes for most of the quilts and the sizes of the finished projects are included after the instructions so you know if it fit into your home setting.

Each project ends with instructions to complete the project including referring to the page in the learning section at the back, Quilter's Schoolhouse followed by fold out full size pattern section.

The Quilter's Schoolhouse section is broken up into Getting Started (Tools for cutting, piecing, appliqué, hand quilting and machine quilting, Choose Your Fabrics, Prepare Your Fabrics, Select the Batting), Rotary Cutting (Plan for Cutting, Using a Rotary Cutter: Squaring Up the Fabric Edge, Cutting and Subcutting Strips and Cutting Triangles), Cutting with Templates (About Scissors, Make the Templates, Trace the Templates, Templates for Angled Pieces, Trace Angled Pieces), Piecing (Hand Piecing, Machine Piecing, Press for Success, Setting in Pieces, Mitered Border Corners) Appliqué (Start Simple, Baste the Seam Allowance, Make Bias Stems, Position and Stitch, Fusible Appliqué), Cutting Bias Strips, Covered Cording, Hanging Sleeves (Make a Hanging Sleeve), Finishing (Layering and Binding).

I like that the editors and designers have really taken the time so that when you are making a quilt you have all the information you need to be successful. For example, the instructions for the Spring Leaves Quilt include a small section called Designer Tips (they suggest you review the machine quilting tips provided and practice on a small sample quilt first). Designer Notes on making a quilt (Razzle Dazzle) give you insight how the designer made this particular quilt and what worked for them (i.e. using a basting spray instead of pins to hold the fabrics in place as she assembled the blocks). When the style of quilt has a history such as the Antique Peony Quilt a brief description of its background is given which makes it all the more interesting.


  • Spring Leaves (Quilt)
  • Batik Quilt
  • Railroad Quilt
  • Pinwheel Quilt
  • Redwork (Quilt)
  • Toile Quilt
  • Carrot Overalls
  • Razzle Dazzle (Quilt)
  • Homespun Pillow
  • Wedding Quilt
  • Butterfly Garden Quilt
  • Tulip Pillow
  • Butterfly Linens (Sheet & Pillowcases)

Overall Rating:


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