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Nature Crafts with a Microwave

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Nature Crafts with a Microwave

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Nature Crafts with a Microwave
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Book Name: Nature Crafts with a Microwave

Author: Dawn Cusick

Publisher: Sterling/Lark

ISBN: 0-8069-0666-9

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: Color photos

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

What I like about the projects in this is that they don’t fit the traditional look one might attribute to crafts made of dried materials. The flowers are bright, look very attractive and a wide variety of natural dried materials (including flowers, moss and fungi, foliage, herbs, berries, spices, eucalyptus, cones, pods, seedheads, nuts, cattails, raffia, vegetables, fruit and popcorn) are used to make up these arrangements. Before you start drying any natural materials it is essential to read the chapter on Microwaving Natural Materials because it breaks down the drying process, informs you what to expect, what natural materials dry best and how to dry them. As you are following the basic instructions for making a project from this book you will need to refer back to this chapter to prepare the natural materials required.

The types of projects in Natural Crafts with a Microwave include centrepieces, decorations, baskets, curtain tiebacks, wreaths, tea, potpourri, a shadow picture, frames, ornaments, a swag, a birdhouse, bath products, lip balm, wall hangings, pet collars, sachets, garlands, jewellery, candle holders, fabric dyeing, herb butters and gourd crafts. I really like the twist on tie-dye by using natural dyes you make yourself as opposed to store bought ones. The colors are different but the effect is the same. Tie-dye is a fun activity for people of all ages. I did make the recommendation that this book is for beginners and it is with the exception of the projects involving the use of gourds. They are slightly more complicated and require more advanced techniques such as carving, drilling and painting which some people including myself aren’t able to do. There is a useful basic craft tools and techniques appendix at the back of the book that further details the use of floral wire, picks, pins and tape as well as glue guns for those who have never worked with any of them.


  • Rosebud Frame
  • Pansy wall hanging
  • Herbal Garland
  • Citrus Braid
  • Gourd Tulips
  • Culinary Wall Hanging
  • Seed Jewellery
  • Citrus Slice Ornament
  • Cornshuck Angle Doll
  • Cornshuck Flowers

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