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Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry

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Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry

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Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry
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Book Name: Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry

Author: Sherri Haab

Publisher: Watson-Guptill

ISBN: 0-8230-3062-8

Cover: Paperback

# Of Pages: 144

Illustrations: Color photos

Experience: All levels of experience

Book Review

The potential creations of metal clay and mixed media jewelry are practically endless and you can see some examples made by the author and other artists in the introduction to Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry. Following the introduction are outlines of the materials used in this type of jewelry making as well as comparisons between products to give you a better idea of what product is best for the type of project you are doing. Tools and supplies are also outlined so you are aware of all the possibilities when working with clay. Working with materials as well as tools and supplies pertaining to the projects in this book are explained and/or demonstrated in the Basic Techniques section.

The section on Firing Metal Clay is equally important for success when creating your projects because there are comparisons between the kilns available for use as well as what may be best with the type of projects you are making. I especially like the notes included on Kiln Safety. I also really like that the basic techniques sections as well as the sections on Firing and Finishing Fired Metal Clay take you through the entire jewelry making process using metal clay. The Firing Charts are also handy because they clearly outline the required firing methods, temperatures and resulting size of the Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay Silver materials from which you choose to make your jewelry. You couldn’t be better prepared or informed to make the projects in this book after reading these opening sections and the better prepared you are the better your chances are for success.

If you enjoy making your own jewelry or are looking for a new crafting challenge you may want to look into mixed media jewelry to help you create unique pieces to wear or give as gifts. What I like about Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry is the wide selection of unique and unusual pieces of jewelry you can create with a variety of uncommon combinations of materials (i.e. using a crochet hook to create such projects as crocheting with beads and charms to make the Crocheted Necklace). For the beginner looking to make a piece of jewelry from this book the first project (Leather and Suede Wristbands) is a simple one with minimal techniques to learn. The clay techniques and the leatherwork are illustrated and explained within the clear and specific step-by-step instructions. More experienced and advanced crafters or jewelry makers may want to skip ahead in the book and choose a project they would like to create based on their own abilities, talents and interests.


  • Acrylic Heart Pendant
  • Crocheted Necklace
  • His and Hers Rings
  • Beaded Wire Cuff
  • Spring Flowers Charm Bracelet
  • Image Transfer Bracelet

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