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Making Contemporary Wooden Tables

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Making Contemporary Wooden Tables

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Making Contemporary Wooden Tables
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Book Name: Making Contemporary Wooden Tables

Author: Thomas Stender

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 1-57990-167-0

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W diagrams

Experience Required: Some woodworking experience required

Book Review:

The author starts off the book with an Introduction that I feel is a must read. He tells you a little about himself and his history with woodworking. He also gives you an idea of what the projects, the instructions and the tools necessary for the projects will be. He includes a list of Power Tools necessary for the projects in Making Contemporary Wooden Tables and also mentions the importance of reading the section About the Projects because it includes relevant woodworking terminology and safety information. Before that section there is one called Basic Knowledge for Table Builders, which covers Flattening, Thicknessing and Jointing, Keeping Table Tops Flat, Gluing Table Tops, Fastening Table Tops, Drop Stops, Jigs, and Fixtures, Fair Curves and Patterns, Biscuit Joinery, Simple Veneering, Structural Epoxy and Burnished Oil Finish. Photographs that illustrate the techniques accompany most of these basic knowledge items and there are also photographs of different types of tables.

Each woodworking project includes a Materials, Supplies and Cutting List. The Cutting List is broken down into Code (A, B, C, D), Description, Quantity, Material and Dimensions. There are references back to the Cutting List in the instructions with the code that matches it so you can see what is needed for that part of the project. Step-by-step photos explaining the process accompany the instructions for certain parts of the project. This is very helpful because some people are very visual when it comes to learning how to do things and the photos help clarify the instructions. The assembly is also demonstrated in a black and white drawing. Some projects also include a portion of the instructions called Important note on Materials and Sizes which offers variations of wood colors and size of the materials used. There are also options available for routing or sawing the slot for the Glass-Top T Table.

The author states in his Introduction that he "will guide you through the steps necessary to make each table, keeping parts and processes in order, helping you avoid pitfalls, and stopping occasionally to explain a difficult move. While the instructions are not written for beginners..." the instructions are clear and in combination with the step-by-step photos I think the author's intent was for the woodworkers making the projects to be successful and I feel he has done just that!


  • Low Fat Table
  • Nested Spindle Tables
  • Glass-Top T Table
  • Hall Table
  • Writing Table
  • Macsai/Goren Dining Table

Overall Rating:


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