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Knitgrrl2: Learn to Knit with 16 All-New Patterns

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Knitgrrl2: Learn to Knit with 16 All-New Patterns

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Book Name: Knitgrrl2: Learn to Knit with 16 All-New Patterns

Author: Shannon Okey

Publisher: Georgetown Publications

ISBN: 0-8230-2619-1

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 96

Illustrations: Color photos & drawings

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

In Knitgrrl2, the author Shannon Okey writes in a very positive manner, encouraging a new generation of knitters. Even though this book is a sequel she has included the necessary information for beginner knitters. Following the introduction to the book, the information in the chapters educates the readers about yarn, describes the tools used, how to read patterns, knitting abbreviations (very important) and knitting 101 (casting on, how to knit, stitches, creating knit fabric, joining new yarn, binding off, weaving in ends, seaming, common mistakes and fixing a dropped stitch).

Additional techniques are demonstrated in subsequent chapters as necessary for the projects included in that chapter (i.e. in the chapter Getting in Shape there are instructions how to increase, cable cast-on, how to decrease, picking up stitches and knitting with beads). In the chapter Bring it On the readers will learn about using circular needles, double-pointed needles and the 3-needle bind off. In the chapter Extra Toppings the reader will learn to make tassels, braids and I-cord.

What I really like about Knitgrrl2 is the wide variety of projects from 11 different designers. The content provided by these designers includes footwear, clothing, accessories (belt, kerchief, scarf), practical items (pencil purse, water bottle holder, bags) and jewellery. One thing I never expected to be included in a knitting project book or even associated with knitting (and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was possible) is the addition of beads to the knitting process. I also like the whimsical chapter titles that either refers to the girls doing the knitting (i.e. what a girl needs) or the subject of the chapter (easy does it, getting in shape). There are also some bonus articles and/or projects included in this book (i.e. What’s Your Color? Quiz, DIY articles: Needling Around (sewing a knitting needle case), Juicy Journaling, Color Your World (dyeing yarn) as well as information on care/washing instructions for your knitted items and website addresses for resources on knitting and materials used in the book.

Knitgirrl2 is a very interesting and informative book with articles (i.e. guys knit, too!) mixed in with learning the techniques and knitting patterns. The techniques and stitches in this book are demonstrated with step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear color photos. Each pattern begins with a list of skills required to make that knitted item. Mixed in with the knitting patterns and techniques there are tips that pertain to the project that I found very insightful and helpful. The author is passing on her experience to benefit the readers and to ensure success with the knitted project they are making. Another measure to assist with the success of the readers’ knitting experiences is the inclusion of the website address associated with the book (a great resource and forum for the beginner and more experience young knitters where they can get knitting help and display/chat about their completed projects).


  • Boho Belt
  • Glo-Girl Kerchief
  • Full-of-Holes Scarf
  • Vintage Necklace
  • Sproingy Poncho
  • Cabana Beach Bag

Overall Rating:


Available At:


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