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Knit One Felt Too

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Knit One Felt Too

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Book Name: Knit One, Felt Too

Author: Kathleen Taylor

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 1-58017-497-3

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 176

Illustrations: Color photos & diagrams

Experience Required: Varying degrees of difficulty

Book Review

The introduction called, Honey I Shrunk Your Sweater covers the author’s experimentation with felting, the good and the bad experiences. She also outlines The Felting Process from Start to Finish with handy called Knitted Felt in Seven Easy Steps (with illustrations). Small introductory section on yarns, shaping your felted items, hints and tips about making the felting process successful, the importance of making a swatch (what it will and won’t tell you) before you begin your project. What I really like is she also tells you what to do with the swatches after you’ve finished your project. There is also valuable troubleshooting information and how to make your felted project last longer (including instructions for making a purse lining).

The instructions for the projects in Knit One, Felt Too are very clearly divided into sections for your convenience. First there are the supplies (yarns) and tools (knitting needles) and other supplies needed. There is also additional information you need to know about the project: the gauge (before felting), the number of wash cycles to achieve sample size, the abbreviations used as well as the approximate measurements for the project before and after the felting process. After the supplies, the instructions are divided into portions of the project including where to start and how to finish. The first chapter with instructions for projects is called It’s All in the Bag (lunch bag, bags and purses), At the Drop of a Hat (hats, earmuff covers, headband, mittens, scarf), Getting on Your Feet (slippers and socks) and Felt Around the House (teddy bear, pillows, wine sack, draft blocker, tea cozy, oven mitts and a Christmas stocking). Where necessary there is also a color chart provided to help you create the pattern in a purse (i.e. the Secret Treasures bag).

Additional important information provided throughout the book includes sections with information how to alter the project to make it different sizes (including the amounts of wool needed) for children and adults. There are also assembly instructions for projects such as the Double-Cuff Mittens, the Bunny Hoppers and the Striped Teddy Bear. There is a very important section at the back of the book called Knitting Terms Defined covers everything from the use of asterisk (*) in this book, to diagrams demonstrating techniques and styles of knitting. If you are interested you can also read profiles of artists that have created a great variety of projects using wool on its own or in combination with other materials.


  • Soft-and-Thick Shoulder Bag
  • Scallops and Beads (bag)
  • Peruvian-Style Hat
  • Double-Cuff Mittens
  • Bunny Hoppers (Slippers)
  • Fuzzy Toddler Slippers
  • Striped Slipper Socks
  • Striped Teddy Bear
  • Wine Sack
  • Tropical Stripes Oven Set

Overall Rating:


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