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Hey Kids...Let's Make Gifts! Fifty Easy Ideas to Make Keepsake Treasures

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Hey Kids...Let's Make Gifts! Fifty Easy Ideas to Make Keepsake Treasures

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Book Name: Hey Kids...Let's Make Gifts! Fifty Easy Ideas to Make Keepsake Treasures Author: Leila Peltosaari

Publisher: Tikka Books

ISBN: 1-896106-00-5

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 103

Illustrations: Color photos, B&W drawings

Experience Required: Various skill levels

Book Review:

The craft ideas/gifts in Hey Kids...Let's Make Gifts are divided into three categories/chapters: All Occasion Gifts, Easter Gifts and Christmas Gifts. The instructions for these gift ideas are preceded by an Introductory letter from the author explaining her purpose and inspiration for this book, a chapter called Getting Started which includes sections on preparing your work space, safety first and supplies. There is also a list of materials you could find in your house or buy in a store, a list of recyclable items, a list of nature items and a list of items you could purchase from stores or catalogs. The author also includes a list of addresses for craft supply catalogs available in Canada and the United States.

There is a good variety of crafts in Hey Kids...Let's Make Crafts that can be used for everyday gifts, birthdays, Valentine's and Mother's Day. The instructions for the crafts are simple and straightforward and include diagrams of the materials as well so you know what your supplies should look like and this way you will know you are using the right thing. A lot of the crafts in this book include materials that are recyclable so this is good for the environment.

Black and white sketches to explain the step-by-step instructions accompany the craft ideas/gifts in this book. This is good because the diagram is right next to the step it is representing and makes it easier and clearer for children themselves. The only thing I didn't like about the craft ideas pages is that there is no color photo of the final product; there is only a black and white sketch of what the craft will look like when you are done. There are color photos of the crafts in this book but they are all presented to the reader in the back and front pages of the book. This is an unusual way to display the photos of the crafts because it isn't included with the actual instructions but you can look at all the craft ideas at once and decide what you would like to make. The page numbers are included with the craft idea titles so you can go right to the craft from there.


  • Nature Frame-Up
  • Cork Cuties
  • Stained Glass Suncatcher
  • Easter Pinata
  • Snowflake Angel
  • Bigfoot Gnome
  • Glittering Angel
  • Cranberry Ring

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