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Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living

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Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living

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Book Name: Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living

Author: Martha Stewart

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 0-609-80863-X

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 144

Illustrations: color photos, b&w patterns

Experience Required: beginner

Book Review

What I really like about this book Halloween by Martha Stewart is that she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary (i.e. she makes pumpkins glow by using carving tools and patterns beyond the traditional pumpkin face). The content of this book spans tricking (pumpkin decorations, candles and lighting, masks, makeup and costumes, house decorating and special effects for the magic night) and treating (pumpkin decorating, sweet party treats, macabre sounding dinner, drink and dessert recipes, and party crafts including invites, treat table decorations, lanterns, tablecloths, plates, cups and cakes, party favors, 3 different treat bags, and additional costumes).

The crafts, costumes, recipes and decorations are photographed in real life settings and clearly demonstrate the potential uses of the projects. There are also clear step-by-step instructions with photos of certain projects, most importantly the make-up and costumes in the trading faces chapter. With Martha Stewart you certainly get more bang for your buck because in addition to the main ideas contained in this book, there are additional decorating ideas and applications of the projects throughout, such as the watchtowers made out of mismatched squash on page 25 and using the chiffon ghost on a mirror with candles to illuminate it and cast a spooky glow. This book is definitely worth a read because it an interesting read as you explore the possibilities for celebrating Halloween, courtesy of Martha Stewart.


  • Gourd lanterns
  • Molded squash candles
  • Tiffany-style lamp
  • Wreath lamp
  • Flower mask and cap
  • Mummy (costume)
  • Fairy mask, crown, wings
  • Ladies’ Fingers
  • Crepe-Paper Party Favors
  • Butterfly costume

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