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Greeting Cards Using Digital Photos

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Greeting Cards Using Digital Photos

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Greeting Cards Using Digital Photos
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Book Name: Greeting Cards Using Digital Photos

Author: Cheryl Owen

Publisher: Martingale & Company

ISBN #: 1-56477-716-2

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 96

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W patterns

Experience: Beginner

Book Review

At the beginning of Greeting Cards Using digital Photos there is an important must read section about using digital photography, the tools you need for drawing, cutting and painting as well as a section on the materials needed for making the actual cards. There is also a fairly large section on techniques used in making the cards in this book that is essential because with the help of a photo, they clearly explain how to do techniques the reader may not be familiar with or very accomplished at doing. Photos that clearly demonstrate the technique being explained in the text accompany the step-by-step instructions for each of the card making projects. The way the instructions and photos are so clear and helpful are what make this book accessible to even the beginner and empower the reader with the knowledge they need to make beautiful and special cards.

I really like the variations and helpful hints included with most of the card making instructions that give you an extra option for the type of photo you might want to use in the card as well as making sure your card making efforts are a success. When you are sending out special cards like this you have spent so much time working on you want them to turn out well so you can feel proud about the effort you made. I also like the idea of the variations because the main way the card is presented may not suit your needs but the photo used in the variation idea might appeal to you. The ideas in this book are unique ones I have never experienced elsewhere and anyone would be delighted to receive them for any one of the occasions they cards represent (getting a new home, Valentine’s Day, Mother and Father’s Days, birthdays, a thank-you, friendly gatherings, vacations, animal lovers, weddings, new baby, family occasions, retirement and Christmas)


  • 3D New Home Card
  • Mother’s Day Card
  • Sequined Thank-You Card
  • 3D Specs Card
  • Filmstrip Bookmark Card

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